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Free Online coMra Wellness Test – Your Body’s Wellness And State of Being


*Watch the full video recording of the webinar we did on the wellness test HERE.

The coMra Wellness Test is based upon the scientific research of professor L.Kh. Garkavi (MD) and we use this method to reflect your current state of wellness at this very moment. Your body’s state of wellness is directly connected to your state of being. Take this very short test and make that knowledge work for you.

Your Present Moment State of Being

The vision of this test is to put Yourself in the picture in order to take a more active role in your health. So, we provide you with the tool to do that – you can now access where you are. This knowledge set the body to heal in a more efficient way, you can use this test to make adjustments so you can heal. 

The present reality is where life is happening. With this test we want to support you in tuning into the present moment. How long you stay in your current state depends on how attentive you are to your state of being. Hence, the purpose of this tool is to support you in becoming awake and sensitive to your healing journey. Now, you have a new way to support yourself.

The Capacity to Adapt

The coMra Wellness Test gives you a “snapshot” of where you are right now, by using ten parameters in the form of questions answered on a sliding scale. Additionally, it can help you see your next step in moving forward on your journey to well-being. It will give you valuable feedback on your progress if you take the test frequently as your state of wellness changes.

The crucial component of this test is the capacity to adapt. What do we mean by this? Capacity to adapt is the opposite of the resistance towards the process of life. In other words, if your capacity to adapt is good, you are in the flow of life and you experience well-being. This depends on two things – energy and intelligence (the ability to choose what is life-supportive).

When you trust your inherent intelligence, then you see a wide range of possibilities everywhere and you naturally choose the best one for your well-being. Then this generates even more possibilities and in that way your energy and well-being expand.

On the other hand, when we resist our natural intelligence, we limit ourselves and we see less possibilities. Therefore, we choose unwisely which leads us to even more limitations, that results in exhaustion of our energy and deterioration of our health.

Working with the Results from the Test

On the coMra Wellness Test result page, you will see:

  • Your level of capacity to adapt within your current state
  • The levels of the ten parameters
  • The main characteristics of this state
  • The suggestions for your next step

As you will see while taking the test, we have used a holistic approach which will help you pay more attention to these ten parameters in your daily life. Everything is interconnected, so each of these parameters has its role in your well-being. You can use the history button to track your progress over time. 

In closing, we hope you find the coMra Wellness Test useful in your journey back to health and well-being. As always, we are here for you with a solution using coMra therapy and our range of devices, so please don’t hesitate to get in touch should you need to get in contact by sending us an email to or using coMra Support Team Chat

Thank you and en-joy.

Watch the Video Recording of the Webinar that we did on the coMra Wellness test, you will find all the details about it here:

The coMra Wellness Test – how your body's wellness is connected to your state of being