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Fun and safe self-care for children


coMra Palm offers fun and safe way to teach our children self-care. Like brushing teeth, learning to pay attention to the body and how to apply coMra-Therapy is a great habit! So, meet Mr Healer! This is the name my children gave to their New Year gift, a personal coMra Palm.

How coMra Palm works?

I had many conversations with my children about coMra-Therapy before. And they had first hand experience of the treatments. So when I asked about how coMra-Therapy works, here is what my son shared with me:

“Mr Healer can help children to live in the world.

The laser turns cells that got sick into super hero cells! They become strong.

The colour lights lift up the mood of cells so that they are not sad.

And the magnet keeps all cells together.”

Well said! 🙂

How to apply coMra Palm?

I did not even try to introduce my children to coMra User Guide. Instead, I explained that

Firstly, remember NOT to look into laser beam or shine it at others.

Secondly, confirm with me how to apply Mr Healer because there are special places in the body that needs help from Mr Healer depending on a health condition.

For example, if you feel like you are about to have a cold, or your ears are aching, or your nose is runny then always think about supporting you tiny defender cells that swim in your blood – the immune cells.

Aim Palm at major arteries: as well as directly at the areas where it is most unpleasant – the nose, the ear or the throat: In case of scrapes, overstretched muscles and joint pain simply point and treat. Easy! also always keep in mind that it is what we DO and not just what we SAY as parents that has the most lasting impressions on children. Do I take care after my own body?  Do I lead by example in turning dis-ease into learning?

And most importantly, have fun with learning about health, treat each other with love and with Mr Healer!