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Getting Sick During Pregnancy – Safe Ways to Heal Yourself


How to heal yourself during the pregnancy period? Most of the medications are not recommended to be used, so are there safe ways to approach the sick days? How to reduce inflammations and pains during this very special period of your life?

The pregnancy is the time when most of the women try to avoid anything that might be harmful for the baby like caffeine, alcohol, nicotine and almost all of the medications. Women are very cautious not to get sick as the pills in the pharmacy are often harmful for the baby and not everyone knows how to approach a severe cold or high temperature with only foods and herbs. However, nature always provides ways to help your body to restore the balance and to heal.


On the other hand, some herbs too are potentially unsafe to be used during pregnancy. For example the blue and black cohosh or the passion flower are to be avoided while you are pregnant. However, herbs like the peppermint and ginger are highly beneficial and could help you fighting the cold symptoms, for example. You can make herb teas to drink in order to get better and to reduce the inflammations.

Essential oils

Essential oils are another alternative way to get better or at least to make the symptoms more bearable. You can use peppermint, frankincense, lavender, ylang ylang, citrus oils etc. in order to deal with inflammations, sore throat, sleep disorders, bloating or any other condition that you experience during your pregnancy. However, be very careful as there are a lot of essential oils that could be dangerous during that period. You need to avoid using oils like dill seeds, oregano, sage, basil, black seed, carrot seeds etc. Most of these essentials oils are to be restricted also during the breastfeeding period.

Safe and non-invasive healing method

The coMra therapy is a non-invasive way to approach many conditions without any side effects as no chemicals are involved in the process. The combined power of a gentle laser, magnets and light is the key to the good results with many diseases and symptoms, it awakens inner ability of your body to heal itself. The coMra Palm is a small device that you put on different points of your body as it is described in the coMra user guide. Although the coMra therapy is very gentle and good for the fetus too, we encourage you to rather treat yourself than the future baby. When you are healthy and strong, the baby will be growing healthy and strong too. Other than that, you can apply the coMra therapy for various conditions and to control the root of any inflammation in the body. The Universal Treatment 3 – Blood is a good way to support your cardiovascular system which is working even harder during the period of pregnancy. You can always contact us if you have any questions on how to use the coMra Palm during this most precious and important period of your life.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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