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A good sleep is essential for a better life


Don’t know how about you, but I’ve found that if I don’t get enough quality sleep, the quality of my life immediately starts to suffer. There used to be times when I loved to work late night, as this is the time when everyone at home is in bed and I enjoy the silence and could focus on my work. But this is not the case anymore, as with waking up everyday at 7am, it really does not work for me to go to bed later than midnight. And often even this alone is not enough, as one thing is to go to bed and another to fall asleep. So in looking for the optimal constellation for a good, deep and relaxing sleep I discovered what does and what doesn’t work for me…


In looking for the optimal constellation for a good, deep and relaxing sleep I discovered what does and what doesn’t work for me… My 10 don’ts and do’s for a good, deep and relaxing sleep.

Let’s start with what spoils my sleep:

1. Stimulating the brain before going to bed

Anything that requires a mental focus and intensive thinking, like writing presentations, responding to business e-mails, studying, or any mental activities which stimulate brain activity done before going to bed, make it difficult to fall asleep. Therefore I try to avoid these kind of activities at least 2 hours before going to bed.

2. Tired eyes from mobile phone and computer screens staring

Mental stimulation doesn’t necessarily concern work only, but also spending time on social media, reading nonsense posts and articles or watching videos could easily put me in an agitated state of mind that takes time to subside, but it also makes my eyes tired and itchy. This is why I avoid the late night staring into computer and mobile phone screen if I want to get a good refreshing sleep.

3. Evening overeating and full stomach

When our bodies are getting ready to sleep, they simply should not be loaded with other tasks, like for example having to process food. So I try to get my dinner at around 8pm latest and leave enough time to my body to do whatever it needs to be free to relax in few hours, after the heavy digestion work has been done.

4. Emotionally disturbing movies

I love to watch movies at evenings, and of course if one wants to relax and avoid work this is definitely one of the preferred activities to spend the evening with. However a good thrilling movie could often leave me in a state of mental and emotional turmoil that could easily keep me awake for hours after I go to bed. That’s why I would rather leave movies which I know will impact on my emotions for the weekend, when I know I can sleep longer in the morning and compensate for the hours lost in digesting the plot of the movie.

5. Sport activities

It really depends on the concrete type of sport, but I know from experience the longer and more exhausting the sports activity is (e.g. football or weight lifting), the longer it takes for the adrenalin in the body to subside and release the body and mind into a state of relaxation.

I would lie if i say I am so disciplined to stick to these five points every evening and also this has never really been the point for me. It’s more that I realise I know well enough my body and what not to do if I want to get a good night sleep. But there are also some tricks I have learnt that help me even when I don’t stick to the “rules”.

Now let’s see what helps me sleep better:

6. Meditation

Meditation helps me relax the body and mind, and calm down emotions. There are different techniques for meditation, but what works for me personally is the so called Active Dreaming Technique, which I discovered in Cry of the Eagle – a book by Théun Mares. What is even better is that almost every-time I use the technique, I also get beautiful, colourful and vivid dreams.

7. Classical music

I listen to all kinds of music, but the impact classical music has on my whole being is incomparable with anything else. It takes good headphones, cozy armchair, dimmed light and the companion of some of the great masters of classical music to clean up my mind of any thoughts. Vivaldi or Chopin before sleep probably work best for me.

8. Good read

If I want to fall asleep really quickly I pick up a book… and I don’t mean a boring book 🙂 … Just whenever I try to read in bed it takes just few minutes before my eyelids start to fall… And why not practice this with a good one on the topic: Why We Sleep

9. coMra Wave Belt

We live in an age of technological inventions and so my last two points are about technology that helps me get a better sleep. It’s said that our second brain is in our gut and that its state affects our other brain in the head. This is not a surprise knowing that the ecosystem of our stomach comprises some 100 million neurons, more than the spinal cord. What has proven working very well for the well-being of my stomach neurons and thus for my emotional and mental balance is the coMra Wave Belt. I usually wear it an hour before I get to bed for bets results.

10. coMra Palm

The second technological invention that has proven itself as an excellent help for a good, deep and relaxing sleep (and not only for that) is coMra Palm. This is small, pocket size therapeutic devices for personal use that repairs and balances the functioning of cells in the body. I often use the coMra Palm in bed before sleep to get into a drowsy state that unnoticeably turns into sleep. Another benefit of using the coMra Palm before sleep is that I also wake up light and happy, ready to jump out of bed and meet the new day with a smile 🙂

I really hope some of my tips will work also for you and help you get a better, more refreshing and regenerating sleep, for a happier and more energetic life 🙂