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Dealing with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis


In my previous Blog I mentioned in passing that I deal with Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis. Due to certain feedback I will now expand a bit on how. However, the subject is vast and if you decide you want more details you are invited to subscribe to 5-emails follow-up, see the end of the post.


Since in Hashimoto circles lab tests seem to be all-important, here are some of mine:

Indicator Ref.Values Feb 17 May 17 Dec 17
TSH [0.3..4.2] 22.13 23.58 15
FT 3 [3.2..6.8] 3.26 3.47 3.81
FT 4 [12..22] 12.91 14.2 15.01
TAT […115] 132.6 120 77.71
MAT […34] 303.8 163 141

While I fully agree that how one feels is more important than what chemical tests say, it is also true that in the long run a good therapy should be reflected in those numbers as well; just as it is true that there are too many people selling all sorts of recipes, so the public rightfully demands hard proofs.

In my case, the record shows I am doing well! 🙂

The most important thing to notice from the last two rows of the above table, is that I manage to reduce the autoimmune reaction. As you probably know, the worst nightmare of people with autoimmune diseases is that another autoimmune process may spark and the whole thing may go badly out of hand.

How I deal with Hashimoto’s disease


I take about 115 mg/day Eutirox (more precisely, 100 one day and 125 the other). According to the MDs I should be taking 150 (due to high TST and according to their magical formula weight(kg)*1.6 which makes about 160 in my case). I disagree, because I feel good as I am now. My MD does not answer my emails with my bright results, but I keep on writing to her, because she is very pretty. 🙂 I plan to drop the dose to 100 straight and then further.

Other medications

Because I am above 100mg mark, I should be taking beta-blocker to reduce induced heart problems. But I do not. Instead I use for the purpose the herbal Heart Tonic from the book Health & Holism in 21-st Century, which I would recommend to anybody reading English.

I also drink daily the Tea for Glands from the same book, as well as bedstraw specifically for the thyroid. I feel these are working great for me and I can recommend them. Anyway, they are harmless.

coMra Therapy

I am doing Autoimmune 3 (from coMra User Guide) with great dedication, but recently only every second day. I also take long pauses whenever I feel like. Since I have the experience, I can efficiently drive the schedule according to how I feel.

I have tried coMra Palm and it works great. In a sense it is easier to use, especially for the back.

It should be noted that coMra Therapy is the most systemic treatment of all I do and as such addresses the autoimmune process and not just the thyroid. As I explained above, this is really important!

Diet and Lifestyle

I enjoy active life-stile. Whenever I start feeling out of fuel, I just get more strict with the treatments, the diet and the exercises.

I am following – mostly in principle than really strictly – Dr Yudkin’s diet, which can be found the book Health & Holism in 21-st Century. It requires limitation on carbohydrates, but anything is allowed in proper measure.

I am also doing the relaxation technique described in Health & Holism in 21-st Century, which really helps with stress-reduction among other things.

Of course, I am doing like 20 minutes morning exercise.


I am starting to work with the deeper causes of my disease, in the fashion outlined in Health & Holism in 21-st Century. This subject is too advanced for this context, but I mentioned it in order to point out that really working with the causes requires certain amount of energy so that learning may be possible. Therefore, I had to strengthen myself through the other methods before being able to work with this one.


So, to summarize some of the main points:

  • coMra Therapy excellently complements the other methods of dealing with Hashimoto;
  • coMra Therapy helps relieving the symptoms of Hashimoto Thyroiditis and it re-vitalizes the body;
  • coMra Therapy heals the autoimmune process!
  • All these benefits can be achieved by coMra Palm.


How Biliana deals with Hashimoto’s disease

For giving you a broader perspective I will quote a case that Biliana kindly and openly shares. It is very different case, because Biliana started treating herself quite on time. As we know, prevention is better than cure; and the earlier the disease is addressed, the better.

‘In my case in the beginning I had distinct symptoms of Hashimoto’s disease, but without serious clinical manifestations.

It all started with visible tremour and weakness of the left hand. Whenever I would pick up, say, a cup of coffee, my hand would tremble! Sheets of paper would also tremble when in my hand.

Later on morning heartbeat and anxiety appeared.

On check up TSH, TAT and MAT were within their normal ranges, but the symptoms continued to worry me.

I used herbal medications for releasing the nervous pressure, but they had no effect.

Six months later TSH started to fluctuate: it often got over the upper limit of the normal range and sometimes it approached the lower limit.

A hypertension was added to the symptoms.

Ultrasound scan (or echography) of the thyroid gland displayed non-homogeneous structure typical for autoimmune diseases.

I then applied coMra Therapy in order to regenerate the primal structure of the thyroid gland as well as to restore its function.

I did shortened version of Autoimmune 3 (from coMra User Guide) during 20 days. After the course of treatments, TSH started fluctuating within its normal range.

After that I did two more courses of 15 days with a month break between the courses.

I do not use hormone replacement therapy.

At the moment I do not have constant weakness and tremour of my hand; they appear only sometimes for short periods.

Hypertension is still a problem.

However, the echography of the thyroid gland shows structural improvements!’

The moral of the story of this medically savvy person is that:

  •  coMra Therapy can reverse the damage to thyroid gland;
  • coMra Therapy helps alleviating the symptoms secondary to Hashimoto’s disease;
  • It is better to start treatments in the early phases of Hashimoto’s disease;
  • It is not necessary to do the full Autoimune 3 protocol to get positive results.

Due to space limitations of this Blog (well exceeded:) I have but skimmed the surface on many points. If you are interested in finding out more details

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