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Natural Tips on Healing High Blood Pressure


The heart is the most important organ in the body, it works all the time without any rest. When the pressure on arteries and the blood vessels is too high, it makes the work of the heart harder due to the distorted arterial wall. This may lead to heart disease, kidney malfunction, arterial damage, vision and memory loss, and metabolic disorders. The causes for the high blood pressure include emotional stress as this directly affects the heart, some substances abuse like alcohol, cigarettes, caffeine, medications, drugs or unhealthy lifestyle habits like overeating, inactivity and poor high-salt diet.

The symptoms in the beginning could be not so obvious so the prevention is the best practice as in most of the cases when we talk about medical conditions. However if you notice frequent tiredness, vision changes, headaches or ear noises, chest pains or irregular heartbeat, you might need to check your blood pressure and to approach some changes to support your heart and blood vessels health.

Omega 3 and Minerals Intake

The Omega 3 acids are very good for the heart and the overall health, they could be found in the fatty fishes like the wild-caught salmon, flax seeds, chia seeds, olive oil, avocado etc. You need to include more of these foods in your diet in order to support your cardiovascular system. The efficient amount of magnesium and potassium is also an essential part in the healthy functioning of your body, you could take supplements or eat foods like dark chocolate, nuts, spinach, broccoli, bananas, sunflower seeds, garlic, tomatoes etc. You need to reduce the salt in your food and to avoid processed foods and trans or fried fats.

Weight Loss

The additional weight puts an extra stress on the heart as the fat formations are placed on the walls of the blood vessels. You need to lose enough weight and to keep it in the healthy range if you want to protect your heart. The apple cider vinegar and lemon water have shown good results as they would help you lose weight, would destroy the excess fat in your body and would support the alkaline-acid balance of the organism.

Laser Body Conditioning

The coMra therapy is a very gentle way to heal your arteries and to support the work of your heart, together with all the other inner organs. The coMra Palm is a small portable laser device that is very easy to be used by everyone. In the user guide you have all the instructions on how to heal your body with the laser as the Universal and the Cardiology treatments would the most beneficial for the cardiovascular system. The laser therapy with the coMra Palm is a good and easy way to strengthen your blood vessels and to protect your heart.


In order to support the circulation of the blood and the lymph in the body, you need to have a moderate activity every day. Walking, running, exercising, practising sports are essential for the health, so everyone has to find time to be active and to keep the muscles of the body strong and toned. At least 30 min per day away from the chair or the couch would guarantee you that the oxygen and the nutrients in the blood will reach the organs and the cells. If you have high blood pressure you need to avoid high intensity exercises and hot saunas as these put too much stress on the heart.

Stress Management

The emotional and mental balance are a good foundation for a healthy life and a strong heart. Relaxation is important as it leads to low levels of cortisol which is the “stress” hormone, so whatever makes you feel well would work. Music, art, laughter, social activity, meditation, spending time in nature, even your pet could be used as a good stress management. The pleasant experiences are essentially good for your health and your heart as far as they are healthy too. The coMra therapy could also be used as a way to control stress and to heal your body as it addresses various conditions and supports each organ and the overall health.