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Good Sleep, Good Health – Healing Sleeping Disorders


The holistic approach to the time of sleeping is that the body, the mind and soul need this rest from the active life in order to recover, rejuvenate, restore the energy and repair the tissues. Some please sleep more, some less but the most important is the quality of it and if you really get the deep restorative hours of sleep. Even in very deep relaxation, the organism can rejuvenate like while sleeping, it is quite important for the brain and the mind, for the emotional health and the physical endurability.


More people each year are suffering from sleeping disorders due to stress, sleep deprivation, too much coffee and alcohol, hormonal imbalance, medications abuse, anxiety, depression or various medical conditions. The modern lifestyle has interrupted the natural schedule of sleeping so much that almost every third person lives with some kind of a sleeping disorder. Insomnia, sleepwalking, snoring, teeth grinding, sleep terrors are only of a few of the conditions that may be connected with insufficient and bad quality sleep. Then the nervous, immune and other systems in the body could be damaged as a consequence. What can you do to improve the quality of your sleep?


The sleeping patterns are created during the childhood and easily could be broken by not going to bed at the same time each night. If it is occasional, your brain would restore the pattern quickly however just for a week time, you can change your sleeping schedule totally. Going to bed at different time in the evening could be the cause for a mild sleeping disorder but if you have problems with the quality of your sleep, try to maintain some kind of regularity.


If you have managed to create the regularity, you now need to get enough sleep for yourself. If you are an adult, you may need between 6 and 9 hours of sleep per night for full restoration. Women tend to need more sleeping time due to their more complex hormonal balance. To oversleep is also not recommended as it could lead to low levels of energy during the day. You need to find out how much time do you need and to have in mind that a hour or two per night insufficiency of sleep, in a month time could lead to a sleeping disorder.

Hormonal balance

The cortisol is the hormone that wakes you up in the morning and the low levels of it would help you fall asleep in the evening. If the other hormones in your body  are not in balance then this could directly affect your sleep. In order to heal and maintain a good hormonal balance, it is very easy to apply a home laser therapy with the coMra Palm. In a very gentle and non-invasive way you can restore the healthy hormones production or can condition your body for it to reach its best shape. The Universal Treatments are a good way to support your body or you can choose the one you need from the user guide. With the coMra therapy, your body slowly returns to its natural ability to heal, rejuvenate and recover.

Less stress

The high levels of stress mean that the cortisol levels are high and if they stay like this in the evening, you would experience problems with falling asleep. If you don’t sleep enough in the night, that makes you really tired during the day and the body is producing even more cortisol to keep you awake. It all becomes a circle where not enough sleep causes stress and stress causes problems with the sleep. So, whatever you like to do that calms you down would do – yoga, walking, bicycling, singing or drawing, just anything that would make you feel relaxed and well. The stress is in the core of many conditions, so everyone has to find a way to work it out.

Less coffee, medication etc.

If you have problems with the quality of your sleep, you might need to look at your coffee, alcohol or medications intake. These are basically chemicals and they mess with the chemical balance in the body, so if you have to restore your natural inner balance, the intake of these needs to be reduced to the minimum. The black tea and other plants also contain high amount of caffeine, even the dark chocolate may keep you awake if you eat it late in the evening. So, if you drink coffee and cannot sleep at night, you might have to get the last cup of it before the late afternoon, so that there would be enough time for the caffeine to be taken out of the bloodstream.

Healthy lifestyle

The healthy habits and your lifestyle would directly affect your sleep quality. To eat rich in nutrients foods like fruits, vegetables and whole grains would provide your body with vitamins, minerals, amino acids etc. that are needed for maintaining good health. Regular exercises, spending time in nature would reduce the stress levels and also would support the healthy sleeping patterns.