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Health Benefits of Laser Therapy


The low intensity laser therapy like coMra can be used for healing, regeneration and pain relief. It reduces inflammation in the body and enhances its natural functions and abilities to heal. It is also known as cold laser therapy or photobiomodulation while the lasers are of such low intensity which does not produce any heating effect. On the other hand, the cold laser therapy is very effective because it increases the energy levels in the cells by providing photons which are caught in the mitochondria and turned into energy. You can treat various conditions like diabetes, skin issues, heart disease, anemia, digestive problems and many more.

Safe and non-invasive

The cold laser therapy is totally safe as no heating effect is produced by the devices. There will be no burning or damaging and in general, there are no negative side effects. The treatment is absolutely painless, non-invasive and easily applied. You eliminate the need to take drugs or medications which disturb the chemical balance in the body. It is suitable to be applied at home following the pre-designed treatment protocols for the different conditions. These protocols for the coMra therapy could be found in the coMra user Guide. The cold laser therapy provides a chance for healing to people who do not respond well to other methods or therapies, often even makes the surgery interventions unnecessary.

Highly effective

Low level laser therapy like coMra reduces inflammation and accelerates the regeneration of the tissues while promoting cell repair. Can be used as a pain relief, to restore the physical function of the body and the normal range of motion. It improves the vascular activities by stimulating the formation of new capillaries in damaged tissues. This speeds up the closing of wounds and the healing process in the organs. Cold laser therapy could be used to increase the metabolic activity while treating digestive issues. The results are often immediate as thousands of studies show and it has a very high efficacy rate, almost ninety percent.

Pain relief

If you decide to use alternatives to analgesics, you will find that cold laser therapy can provide a totally safe and quick pain relief. That is the reason why it is often applied in cases of sport injuries, acute pain or chronic conditions. It minimizes the time for recovery and is a great option especially for people who used addictive and aggressive corticosteroids for a long time. The low level lasers could be your chance for a drug-free pain relief and it has shown no adverse side effects. It completely eliminates pain together with the need to use harmful pharmaceuticals which could ease a symptom but destroy the fine balance in the body.

Applying low level laser therapy like coMra is easy as you only need to choose the wavelength and the time of treatment. Then place the device on the targeted area and let the cells in the body tissue to absorb the light coming from the laser. The damaged cells will use it to produce energy which could be utilized for repair, regeneration and healing.

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