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Challenging Health Conditions Linked to Diabetes and the Solution


Millions of people suffer from diabetes and more to that many of them develop other health conditions. The high levels of blood sugar are not only creating discomfort, extreme fatigue and muscle pain but can be even more dangerous for the overall health. The diseases linked to diabetes are stroke and heart disease, kidney issues, eye diseases, dental and foot problems, nerve damage or neuropathy. This means that when you try to manage and reverse diabetes, you also need to heal the other systems in your body which are affected by it. While coMra therapy is used to support the body in healing any health condition, you need to apply not only the Diabetes treatment protocol from the Endocrinology section but also to treat other occurring conditions.

So, in this article we will find out how home laser therapy can help you deal with all the health conditions linked to diabetes. But where to start form? Which treatment protocols from the coMra User Guide can you apply to support your body if you have diabetes or insulin resistance?

Treating Heart Disease

In the coMra User Guide there is a section called Universal Treatments. You can apply these courses as a healing support program or use them as a prevention. The Universal Treatment 2 – Heart was created to provide more energy to the heart and support its work. Additionally you can apply Cardiology 2 for conditions like ischemia, arrhythmia, valvular disease etc. It will be even more beneficial if you combine it with Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. In fact, the last treatment protocol is quite versatile as it supports the blood circulation, the quality of the blood and the condition of the red blood cells. While blood reaches every cell in the body, this treatment is great for the overall health and especially for the heart condition. Applying coMra therapy on the heart according to Universal Treatment 2 – Heart, will give the heart an additional boost and energy to regenerate in cases like a weak heart, insufficient coronary blood flow, low immunity and high cholesterol. Always use 5Hz when treating the heart and include several minutes daily to support its work. 

Dealing with Kidney Issues

To support the work of the kidneys with coMra therapy, you can apply the treatments found in the Nephrology section of the coMra User Guide. Nephrology 6 is a course designed for chronic kidney disorder or diabetic nephropathy as well as renal failure. You can apply Nephrology 4 protocol for pyelonephritis and glomerulonephritis. In addition to these courses, you may find it very beneficial to apply Universal treatment 6 – Vitality for physical exhaustion and recovery from surgery or illness. Also, Universal treatment 5 – Somatic biostimulation for emotional exhaustion, depression, insomnia and in general to support the nervous system and the adrenal glands.

Pain relief for Nerve Damage and Eye Problems

If you experience blurry vision and other eye problems, you can apply Neurology 3 which is for neuropathy of the ophthalmic nerve. Cardiology 3 treatment can help for any eye pain related to hypertension or cervical migraine. Often the nerve damage in the cervical area of the spine can cause eye problems and headaches. For other neuropathic pains check the Neurology and Traumatology sections to find the specific condition or cause of the pain and how to address it with coMra. You will need to apply treatments for two weeks, then rest and repeat. Even if you experience improvement, you might still need to continue with regular coMra treatments maybe not daily but several times per week which will serve as a prevention method and will help you manage diabetes as the main health condition that you want to address naturally.

Here is a successful story of a woman with pain in her eyes and sinuses which she treated with coMra:

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