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Why coMra Palm is the ideal device to have in any working environment

In my previous two articles, I have shared my personal experience of coMra-Therapy as well as the healing effect I have been able to experience and appreciate. I have also shared why coMra Palm is ideal for all health professionals. In this article, I plan to explore the advantages of maintaining a coMra Palm device in any working environment.

coMra Palm is user friendly

The coMra Palm device is so user friendly that it requires absolutely no prior training in order to apply any of its healing protocols. It takes the average user less than one minute to figure out how to use the device. Furthermore, there exists the “coMra application”, which is an extremely easily downloadable application, containing all the coMra-Therapy healing protocols. Therefore, the moment a coMra Palm device is introduced into any working environment is ready to offer its healing advantages.


In an office environment, there are people who spent many hours in front of a computer. And if we add to those hours the amount of time the average person today is spending in front of a computer at home, then we come up with a truly serious amount of time, we come up with several hours on a daily basis.


Such a practice, creates some modern day ailments, like for example the tennis elbow syndrome, the carpal tunnel syndrome, the back neck syndrome etc. And, unfortunately, more and more people today suffer from these ailments. The application of coMra-Therapy is ideal for all such ailments and the healing results are unprecedented!

Offers immediate relief from pain

The coMra Palm device will offer immediate relief from the pain and all the unwanted symptoms. And in record time, comparing to other healing modalities, coMra-Therapy will provide the patient with true healing from the ailment and not just temporary relief from the symptoms.


But even in working environments that differ from an office environment, a coMra Palm device is ideal to have around. In a working environment where there is labour work taking place, like for example a factory production line or even smaller scale production processes, there are the inevitable accidents taking place, like for example cuts, burns etc. Normally, after such an accident, the person suffering would have to end up in some hospital emergency room for treatment and stitches.

Long term effects make it best investment in well-being of employees

This is totally unnecessary if there is a coMra Palm device in the working environment. The coMra-Therapy provides true miracles with surface wounds like cuts and burns. The repetitious treatment of the affected area will heal the wound in record time. Within less than an hour the person suffering from the accident will see the wound almost healed!


But even when there is no ailment requiring immediate treatment, the coMra Palm device is extremely useful in any working environment. The Universal Treatments of coMra-Therapy offer a sense of well-being to anyone, irrespective of whether suffering from any particular ailment. For example the Uni-3 treatment provides with a sense of vitalisation and helps anyone who is experiencing fatigue. Other treatments boost the immune system and assist people in not coming down with the so common winter viruses, and so on.


All in all, any employer who wishes to invest in the well being of his/her employees and who wishes to offer them a sense of safety in the working environment should get a coMra Palm device.