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Health Tips on How to Support Your Kidneys


The healthy kidneys are filtering the blood all the time, removing the wastes and the extra fluids from the body making urine. They maintain the mineral balance in the body, control the blood pressure, keep the bones healthy and make red blood cells. They are working constantly, so you need to support them in order for them to be in a good condition. Each change in the liquid or mineral balance of the organism, hormonal changes, physical activities and emotional responses will affect the kidneys. They are very delicate organs, so here is how you can support them in order to prevent disease and failure.

Good hydration

For the kidneys to work properly, a sufficient amount of liquids in the body is needed. If there is not enough water, the filtration of the blood is corrupted, the urine productions could stop and the toxins and other waste products cannot leave the body. So make sure to drink enough clean and fresh water every day. The drinks like coffee or tea are diuretics which means they fasten the liquid drainage from the cells, so after coffee you need to drink even more water.


The healthy and rich diet would improve the overall health and is vital for the kidneys too. The watery foods like cucumbers, tomatoes and watermelon will hydrate you additionally. However, in order to support the work of the urinary tract you can eat more apples, lemons, parsley, garlic, cabbage, cauliflower, onions, cranberries, blueberries, strawberries, cherries, red bell peppers, red grapes, olive oil, eggs, ginger, asparagus, fermented foods. Juicing is a good way to detox the kidneys while providing enough vitamins, minerals and liquids for them to cleanse the whole body from the toxins.

Herbs and supplements

If you want additionally to help the better performance of the the kidneys you can drink herb infusions or take natural supplements with dandelion, red clover, turmeric, spirulina, nettle, vitamin C, baking soda, beer yeast, probiotics, cranberry extract, peppermint essential oil. They all would have a good effect on the kidneys if you keep on drinking enough water while taking them.

Heal  yourself

There are some conditions in the body that might create difficulties for the kidneys to work properly. So make sure that you heal or control your Inflammation, constipation, diabetes, heart disease, depression and anxiety, mood swings, phobias, emotional breakdown, burn out. The laser therapy is a very gentle and effective way to heal your organs and to support the immune and other systems. The coMra Palm laser is very easy to be applied at home and all the instructions about the treatments are in the user guide. You can either heal, support or prevent issues with any organ or system. The laser will awaken the inner natural abilities of the organism to heal itself.

Sleep and sunshine

In order to keep the kidneys healthy and strong you will need to reduce stress, to breath slowly and to relax more, to find a hobby that makes you calm and balanced. The kidneys are very much affected by the quick pace of life, of the hectic movements and poor sleeping patterns. They need a nice sleep, enough sunshine, good mood and emotional balance to do what they do for the body.


As it was mentioned above, kidney like calm and slow lifestyle but with enough activity so that the liquids in the body to move freely all along the vessels. A daily moderate exercising would be best for the kidneys health and for the whole organism as it regulates most of the processes. You can choose anything that calms you down but at the same time, activates all of the muscles like qigong, yoga, dancing, walking, swimming etc.

You need to avoid

Sugar, salt, alcohol, smoking, processed foods, toxins, trans fats are not good for your health and for your kidneys. The salt would keep the water into the body and the alcohol is dehydrating it while bringing toxins inside that have to be cleansed after that. So if you want to support the kidneys you need a very moderate use of alcohol and it is better always to drink plenty of water with it in order to fasten the detox process on the next day.