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Healthy Sugar Substitutes with Low Glycemic Index – Part 2


How to substitute sugar in order to avoid its consumption as a way of prevention to various sugar linked diseases? Which are the natural and healthy options to use in the sweet recipes?

In the first part of this article you will see some of the healthy sugar substitutes like fresh and dry fruits, stevia and Monk fruit. Here are some more options to try while making your favourite dessert without white or brown sugar.

Yacon syrup

The yacon plant grows in South America and the syrup is made from the roots. This great sugar substitute has a slightly caramel taste and is very low in carbs too, so people with diabetes can consume it too as it is proved that it contains fiber called inulin and does not increase the blood sugar levels. It contains also antioxidants and potassium which are beneficial for the kidneys and the gut health, it can help you lose weight but the excessive consumption of yacon syrup may lead to stomach discomfort, so you still need to use it in moderation.

Coconut palm sugar

The sugar that is made out of the coconut palm has a very nice caramel like taste and the glycemic index of around 35 which makes it a great substitute of sugar even in the recipes that need baking. Many people prefer to use it as it does not increase the blood sugar levels as the white sugar but still is almost as sweet as it, it is also rich in minerals like zinc, potassium and magnesium. Although, it is a healthier option than sugar, it still contains fructose and the excessive consumption will increase the blood sugar levels with all the consequences, so moderate intake of it is recommended.


Honey is the most popular sugar substitute but its glycemic index may vary from 35 to 85 as the manuka and honeydew honey have the lowest one, so not more than a spoon or two per day is the recommended quantity of raw honey. Date syrup and maple syrup have a very pleasant taste and the glycemic index of around 50, so if you have insulin linked diseases, you need to limit the intake of these syrups. Lucuma powder and blackstrap molasses are very healthy sugar substitutes however they do not have a very sweet taste but are full of minerals and antioxidants instead. The glycemic index of the blackstrap molasses is around 50, the glycemic index of lucuma is very low around 5 and it is rich in magnesium, vitamin B6 and calcium with the pleasant taste of apricot, sweet potato and mango.

For the high blood sugar diseases like diabetes, metabolic syndrome, insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, heart disease etc. will be very beneficial if you limit the sugar intake to the minimum and to consume sugar substitutes with the lowest glycemic index. You can apply coMra Therapy in any case, when your body needs support and healing as this method is very gentle and non-invasive and you can find all the details about the treatments in the coMra User Guide. The healthy diet is an important part of every healing process as it supports the body into recovering and creating new lifestyle changes.


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