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Heart Health And How To Prevent or Heal Heart Diseases


The health of the heart is vital for the overall health as all the blood is pumped constantly by the heart in order for it to reach each cell in the body. The prevention is the best cure and this is a good approach to keep your heart healthy. If you have noticed warning signs like chest pain, shortness of breath, nausea, chronic fatigue, feeling dizzy or even snoring too much, you probably need to take better care of your heart and the cardiovascular system. Here is how to maintain better heart health using coMra therapy and making some lifestyle changes.

Blood vessels and the heart

If you already have a heart disease or you want to support the work of your heart, you can apply coMra Universal Treatment 2 – Heart even as a prevention method. The coMra therapy is a non-invasive way to induce the natural healing ability of your body and to provide the needed energy for the healing process. The application is easy and you will feel the difference soon, meanwhile you can use coMra therapy as a pain relief too. For all the heart treatments, you have to use only the frequency of 5Hz as it is explained in the coMra user guide. For the blood vessels and the health of your blood, you can apply coMra Universal Treatment 3 – Blood. This treatment could heal conditions like anemia but it is also a part of other major treatments while the blood is moving through the body distributing the nutrients and the hormones to each cell.

Hormonal Balance

There are many conditions which may affect the heart health, so you need to address them in a balanced and non-aggressive way. You can apply coMra therapy in order to soothe the symptoms and to heal the causes of diseases like hypothyroidism, diabetes type 2, estrogen dominance, adrenal fatigue and malfunction of the adrenal glands etc. In the coMra user guide, you will find all the listed conditions, so to come with your own treatment course. As coMra therapy has no negative side effects, you can successfully combine different treatments in order to receive better results. It is very important to reduce the production of adrenaline and cortisol as if the body experiences is as stress, the levels of other hormones would go down.

Balanced diet and movement

If you want to support your healing and generally your heart health, you need to be careful about the amount of animal, saturated and trans fats that you eat while it may lead to buildup of plaque in the arteries. Basically, this means to avoid processed and packed foods as most of them contain trans fats. A diet rich in vegetables and fruits is always a good idea, so you may need to monitor your eating habits and to make some changes. A moderate exercising program or walking on regular basis will help your circulation and will stimulate the work of the heart. You may need to avoid highly intensive training programs if you have symptoms of a weak heart.


The heart is the organ that suffers if you experience negative emotions, so if you are in a difficult period of your life, try to find a way to breathe and calm down. The grief, apathy, depression and anxiety could affect the heart with time, so your emotional state is key for the heart health. If your nervous system is out of balance, you may need some supplements like magnesium, B12 and other B vitamins. However, in order to support the nervous system, you can apply coMra Universal treatments 5 and 7 until you feel some improvement. Then rest for 2 weeks and apply another treatment course. The coMra therapy has shown great results with conditions of the nervous system as it helps the regeneration of the nerves too. And remember to smile more, it is good for your heart.


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