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I have recently watched a video explaining the polarity of allopathic vs homeopathic medicine or, more generally, healing modality. The questions immediately stands of where coMra Therapy fits into this spectrum.

But before we addressed it, in the spirit of good casuistic traditions, let’s first define the polarities.

So, allopathic, known also as orthodox, mainstream and by other names is what one generally gets from healthcare systems of the world. The terms comes from Allois Pathos which in Greek means something like “opposition to suffering“, that is, the intent is to fight and resist the symptoms. This mode is characterised by its focus on:

  • Materialistic and mechanistic perception of human body as a sort of complex machine;
  • Aim at opposing and suppressing the symptoms rather than addressing the causes;
  • Antagonistic methods. Here the very names of most chemical drugs categories are very telling: anti-biotics, anti-hestamines, anti-etc;
  • Effects which are temporary and not curative.

In this we describe the allopathic in ideal, not touching upon its worse features which all too often manifest in practice, like side effects, inhibiting one organ or system to relieve another and general dependency on chemical medication created.

The professor in the video used impressive metaphor saying that allopathic medicine is like putting wet blanket on blazing fires, the latter representing the symptoms. It will often happen that when the blanket dries up the fire starts again.

Yet, it is not a question of allopathic not having its place. Like with all proper polarities the problem is with one-sidedly and exclusively putting the focus on the one extreme and thus distorting the balance.

Another important point to keep in mind with respect to allopathic mode is that at its core there is still the hope that the body will manage to fulfill its self-healing function, so by temporary relieving the symptoms, we buy the body some time and space to restore itself.

The other polarity, which we choose to call homeopathic, is also known as holistic, integrative, funcional medicine and other names, some of which like bio-energetic with more specific meaning. It is concerned with restoring the balance – or homeostasis – in the body as whole and this must perforce include the energetic component and ultimately also thoughts and emotions, since it is often the wrong emotional and mental habits which lie at the root of the physical diseases. As such homeopathic mode not only deals with the whole, but it focuses on co-operating with healing forces of the body and on learning and re-balancing the true causes. It is characterised by its focus on:

  • Holistic and systematic perception of the body as one integrated and intelligent whole;
  • Aim at addressing the causes and restoring the balance;
  • Co-operative and non-invasive methods;
  • Lasting and curative effects.

Obviously this modality requires far greater commitment from both the healer and the person in need of healing.

Ultimately it also relies on body’s own ability for healing, but in far more direct manner.

So then: where coMra Therapy fits into the spectrum?

coMra Therapy – in the chosen classification – is inherently homeopathic (I personally prefer holistic), but this does not mean it is necessarily anti-allopathic in practice.

Many have used coMra Therapy as complementary in allopathic model and this is to be encouraged. If any particular practice is wrong, adding coMra Therapy will not make it wronger, but may help its soothe the negative effects. Also, if someone wants to relieve his or her headache with coMra Palm without caring too much about how he or she caused the headache through his or her own behaviour, then by all means this is what coMra Palm is for.

coMra Therapy is cooperative and it ultimately supports that which does the auto-healing of the body, so it does not matter much where in the above spectrum the chosen healing modality is: it can benefit from coMra Therapy anyway. Similarly, the concrete form of allopathing or homeophatic or something-in-the-middle therapy chosen would usually not preclude using also coMra Therapy.