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Help Your Body to Burn More Fat


How can you help your body with the fat burning process naturally? What conditions does the body need in order to start using the fat storage as a fuel instead of the glucose? Can we stimulate the process without using chemicals and artificial supplements?


The fat burning process depends on the hormone called insulin produced by the pancreas,  it regulates the metabolism and the glucose levels in the blood. The factor connected with the fat burning is that when there is insulin in the blood, the body is producing and storing fat cells. When the levels are low, then the body would turn to the fat cells in order to use them as a fuel source. Whenever we eat something, the body is producing insulin. The different foods are causing a different insulin response. So if we want to burn more fat, we need to keep the levels of the insulin low.


Cut off the sugar


All the fast carbohydrates as sugar, white flour, white rice are causing very high amount of insulin to enter the blood for a short period of time. All the energy from the sugar will be turned into fat and stored in the body. After these foods are digested, the glucose levels are going down very quickly and we want to eat something sweet again. So, we need to replace the “fast sugars” with complex carbohydrates are brown rice, whole grains bread etc. The sugar from them will go slowing into the blood and the level of the insulin will be low too.


No snacks


If we eat something sweet every two hours, even a small one, the blood sugar levels will go up and down and the body will continue with producing and storing the fat cells.In order to keep the insulin levels low and in moderate range we need to give the body some rest from the digestion as each food we take would cause higher levels of blood sugar. So, if you  eat only 2-3 times per day and there are no snacks in between, your body would have the time to maintain the glucose levels in its health range. Even the short period fasting will have great benefits for the fat burning process.


Fibers not juices


If you eat the whole fruit, the fibers in it would slow down the glucose entering the blood and the body would not need to produce a high amount of insulin at one time. On the contrary, if you drink the fresh juice without the fibers from the fruit, your glucose levels would go high and the body will need to produce insulin to maintain them. The juices may contain vitamins and minerals, but this will not help with the fat burning process. All the vegetables have very little sugar in them, so a good amount of them daily is highly recommended because of the fibers, vitamins and minerals they contain.


Health issues


In case that you have insulin resistance, hormonal imbalance, pancreas disease or any other condition connected with the blood and the levels of the insulin, your body would need healing. The coMra laser therapy covers a wide range of disorders and is very effective as your body is stimulated to find its own natural ability to heal. The Universal treatment is a good start and in the user guide you will find all the details about other treatments as well. The laser would help your body to recover in a very harmonious and gentle way without any side effects.


Good fats


The fats from the avocado, eggs, butter, coconut oil, nuts etc. are good for the body and they help with the fat burning process. They don’t cause high blood sugar levels, are good source of energy and the body is getting rid of its own fat cells when we eat these good fat food. Of course, the amount intake is relatively low as they have a lot of calories. It may sound as a paradox but actually the body is burning more fat in the presence of digestible fat. Refined oils, fried foods, hydrogenated fats are not recommended and are poisonous for the body.


Moderate protein


The protein your body needs is not so much as it produces its own protein chains from the amino acids in the food. You can intake plant based protein or animal based but you need to know that the digestion of the protein chains is requiring a lot of energy, so keep it moderate if you  want your body to burn the fat cells instead of your glucose storage.The eggs are regulating the blood sugar levels and they are a great idea for a breakfast if you don’t want to start your day with a high amount of insulin in the blood.


Working out, less stress


If you are working out regularly it will help greatly with the fat burning process but only if you haven’t eaten any “fast sugar” food before that. Even a small amount of sugar will trigger the insulin production and during the workout you would burn the glucose in the body but not the fat cells. If you eat protein, slow carbohydrates and good fats foods an hour or two before your training, as soon as the glucose is over, the body would start burning the fat cells. You also want to keep your stress level low and have a good sleep in order to support the recovery. The cortisol is affecting all the other hormones, so you need your body to have a little as possible of it.


The basic information on the insulin production, the blood sugar levels and how the foods we eat are causing a different response in the body, is useful when we talk about the fat burning process. It is not only that you can lose weight like this but also you can turn the fat cells into muscles and have a good ratio between muscles and fat in the body and the organs. The healthy organism is regulating all the hormone levels naturally, so you need just to support it.