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Holistic Health and coMra-Therapy


Laws of Nature

Holistic Health is based on the law of nature that a whole is made up of interdependent parts. Just as we as individuals are beings that are made up of interdependent parts, which contain physical, emotional, mental and spiritual aspects to our being, our physical health is effected as a result of these interdependent parts, and our state of health can be used to guide us to the cause of the imbalance, which is often manifested by our different states of dis-ease.


Connected to life and yourself

For me what this means is that all life is interconnected, and that I need to be aware and alert as to how the many different factors, connections, and relationships which effect my ability to achieve my optimal health (homeostasis).

This could be as simple as choosing to exercise on a regular basis, change my diet, or even relook at how I allow myself be effected by what other people might say or think about me. At times I am left with a sense of gratitude for my own approach to healing, when I talk to friends and people about their health, being aware how long we have been conditioned into accepting a belief system that is deigned in essence to create dependency or offer only temporary results.

A much better system would be guiding us to make the changes necessary in our lifestyle that improves our quality of life, and which also helps prevent a lot of health problems from happening.

Taking responsibility

From personal experience, I have had a few battles with a Doctor and his medical staff trying to explain to them the concept of my philosophy relating to Holistic healing, as well as my commitment to healing my fractured arm using coMra-therapy during my healing process, to such an extent that there was attempt to force me to take drugs which I did not need, and also resulted with me demonstrating and instructing the Doctor what the best strategy was at that time for healing my arm.

Fortunately I was able to do so in a constructive way, which resulted in the Doctor offering to provide me with a referral as he was so impressed with the results that I had achieved in accelerating the healing process, and I also managed to continue my life mostly unaffected by the fracture.

Health as a choice

When I came across the concept of Holistic Health, I realized that like coMra-Therapy Holistic Health is a lifestyle choice and also a personal commitment to maintain a balanced lifestyle, and that both require a conscious choice, as well as discipline.

Fortunately coMra-Therapy is a most effective complementary tool for Holistic Health, that assists our body directly at a cellular level to reduce pain, prevent Health problems from occurring, and also to assist our body to heal much more efficiently than normally possible by activating our immune system and providing energetic support.

With Holistic Health and with coMra-Therapy, the patient is an integral part of the healing process by wanting to take responsibility for their own healing process, and I have been encouraged and uplifted to have participated and observed many transformations from friends and patients, who have made this commitment to themselves.