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How to Boost Your Fertility If You Are a Man


Due to the environment changes, the way of life and so much stress everywhere, more men each year experience fertility issues. The food has lost its qualities and even the fruits and vegetables are full of chemicals which are not supposed to be there. The problems with fertility in men are linked to a decreased sperm count, low sperm motility,  low libido and erectile dysfunction. The hormonal imbalance is in the roots of the fertility issues in men as the male body needs testosterone in order to produce good quality sperm. Various conditions may lead to such an imbalance such as poor nutrition, lots of stress, diseases, excessive training, toxins etc. So, let us see how you can increase your fertility and prevent problems.

Rich healthy diet

First, you need to check  your diet. Do you eat enough protein, good fat and fresh fruits and vegetables? The poor diet may lead to fertility problems are the body is lacking the elements it needs in order to produce sperm. For the proper metabolism of the nutrients and a strong immune system, you need a sufficient amount of zinc which could be found in foods like hemp seeds, beans and lentils, meat, eggs, nuts, whole grains and dairy products. You also need enough folate found in the asparagus, coQ10 from the sesame seeds, a good supply of magnesium from the  spinach, selenium from the tuna fish and of course, enough amino acids which your body will use to produce its own proteins from eggs and hemp seeds. Make sure that you intake enough proteins and good fats which could be found in fatty fishes like mackerel, salmon and trout.

Even More Antioxidants

More antioxidants you get with the food, more benefits you will enjoy in term of overall health and fertility. The free radicals are destroying the cells and are responsible for the aging process, so make sure that you add more antioxidants rich foods on your plate like whole grains, berries, broccoli, garlic, onions, walnuts, pumpkin seeds etc. Pomegranate has shown very good result in a research with a group of men lifting the libido, increasing the blood flow and the sperm count. Green tea and ginseng tea are also a good choice to supply your body with even more healthy elements, to help it detox and heal if needed. You can add natural supplements like maca and ashwagandha which will give you more power and energy, will stimulate the male hormones production and will boost your immune system.

And some more Lycopene

This pigment in foods like tomatoes gives the red color and is a very strong antioxidant which is found to be quite useful in dealing and preventing the fertility issues in men. It has even anti cancer properties as it helps the body to eliminate and fight with toxins, chemicals and waste products. As we all live in a very polluted environment, each component in the food we eat that would support the healing and recovering processes, is worth the attention. In order to deal with fertility issues you can eat more watermelons, papayas, guavas, grapefruits, asparagus and red cabbage as these are the foods with most lycopene after the tomatoes.

Improve the blood circulation and your hormones

So, after the nutrition issues are faced and you have planned your meals to supply enough of the basic elements your body needs, you need to look at the physicality. The fertility in men is linked to the blood circulation and the hormonal balance. You need enough blood to reach these places where the sperm is produced. The coMra therapy is a very gentle method without any side effects which will awaken your inner abilities to heal and recover and it will support your body into having more energy and maintain overall health. The Universal Treatment 3 – Blood from the coMra user guide will affect in a very positive way your bloodstream, the quality of your blood and the health of the blood vessels. The Universal Treatments 6 – Vitality and 4 – Somatic biostimulation could be applied in periods of physical exhaustion or when you need to restore your physical power. All the treatments could be combined and used as a non-invasive prevention method.

Regular exercises

In order to boost your testosterone levels you need to work out regularly as the moderate and well-planned training program is recommended rather than excessive and super intensive ones. Make sure that you are active enough as in that way you will improve your blood and lymph circulation, will support your heart, will lose or gain weight, will strengthen your muscles etc. Your body needs enough time to recover after each workout which will help you fighting the stress instead of creating it. You can gradually add more time and difficulty to your program, just listen to your body and always find time to rest. The regular working out has huge benefits for the male body if you are aware of your abilities and limits.

Stay hydrated

Dehydration is linked to a long list of medical conditions, so you really want to be well hydrated in order to support your body and your overall health. The water takes part in almost every process in your body, so providing it with enough amount of fresh and clean water is one of the best healthy habits you could develop. Alcohol and caffeine dehydrate the body and overload the liver, so make sure to reduce their intake if you are struggling with fertility issues or just as a prevention. The sufficient amount of water is good for your brain and the glands that produce your hormones too.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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