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How to Boost Your Fertility If You Are a Woman


Many women are suffering from different fertility problems from the inability to get pregnant to irregular menstrual cycle or ovarian cysts. This is a huge part of the women’s health and the prevention is the best cure because it is easier to keep the balance that restoring it once it is lost. The hormones are working very precisely in the female body in order to maintain the right conditions for her to be able to give birth to a child or just to keep her skin youthful and beautiful during the years, or her nails and bones strong. If you are not yet in the menopause age, here are some tips on how to boost the fertility in your body.

Plant-based proteins and iron

The meat based proteins in high amounts are connected to problems with fertility mainly because of the animal hormones which would mess with the hormonal balance in women and also with the animal fats that may be placed on the inner walls of the blood vessels. Lately, the chicken meat is even richer in artificial hormones, so you need to reduce the intake of meat if you want to deal with infertility or irregularity of your cycle. As you still need to get some proteins with the food, it is better to replace the sources with plants as beans, peas, lentils, sesame and chia seeds, seaweeds etc. These foods are also rich in plant-based iron which is beneficial for the blood and the speed of the red blood cells and their ability to catch the oxygen.

More good fats

Women need good fats in their diet as the fat soluble vitamins like A and E are very important for the fertility. It is better to eat less starchy foods like white flour, potatoes and white rice and strictly to avoid trans fats, refined oils or deeply fried foods. The fatty fishes like wild-caught salmon, tuna and mackerel are also a good source of fat and omega 3 acids. The chia seeds, hemp seeds and raw nuts are also rich in  good fat and omega 3 acids and will provide some more vitamins and minerals that your body needed to keep the healthy balance. Although, the virgin olive oil is better than the refined oils, it is still very heavy for the digestion system, so use it moderately and always prefer to get your fat from whole foods like avocado, sesame seeds or nuts.

More antioxidants, vitamins and minerals

The food that you eat is the fuel that your body uses to build new tissues and to replace the old cells, so if you want to stay healthy and to have energy, you need to think and plan a rich in nutrients diet. The antioxidants that are found in the fresh fruits and vegetables are fighting the free radicals which are stealing the energy from the cells. Make sure everyday to eat enough raw and clean veggies in order to support your body. As most of us are living in cities where the water, air and the food are polluted , it is better to find more organic sources of vegetables in order to feed your body with the best possible nutrients. Avoid alcohol, caffeine, soy and sugar.

Hormonal Balance and blood circulation

As it was already mentioned the hormonal balance is the key to fertility as if all the female hormones are sufficient then the whole organism will work perfectly. However, if the food contains artificial hormones and the stress is depriving the body from its energy that is needed to produce estrogen and progesterone, then you need to support your body a little bit. The coMra therapy was invented as a gentle and a non-invasive method, with no side effects that will heal and restore the balance of each organ in your body. For the hormonal imbalance and fertility problems you will need to go with the Gynaecology 2 course from the coMra user guide one or more times if needed. In order to improve the blood circulation which is critical for the women’s health too, you can apply the Universal Treatment 3- Blood. It will restore the health of the red and white blood cells and will heal your blood vessels. You can even combine two or more treatments if needed in order to reach the results needed.

Get active but take your time

Another way to improve the blood circulation and to activate the detoxification in your body is through movement and exercises. However, make sure that you are working out in a very moderate and appropriate for your body way as the excessive training is often connected with infertility in women. Choose an activity that will provide enough time and space for yourself to enjoy the practice rather than exploring your limits. Walking, yoga, swimming, stretching etc. could be good for you but you always have to take your time and don’t rush if you are struggling with fertility issues. In order to invite your female nature to go back to balance, you need to create a loving space for her.

Healthy weight

If you have put too much weight or you are too skinny, then you might experience some fertility problems are both conditions are not normal for your body and it will be hard for it to maintain the hormonal balance. So, through diet and activity program, you can achieve a healthy weight in order to heal and restore your fertility. The obesity is a condition that is often linked to estrogen dominance, diabetes, heart diseases etc. and very often irregularity in the menstrual cycles or sterility as the body is losing too much energy to deal with the other problems that might be life-threatening for it. To accept and love yourself, and to face the reasons for the abnormal weight, will help you go back to a place where do don’t overeat or you eat enough, in order to keep your health. You can apply the Universal Treatment 7 from the coMra user guide to address the emotional problems that may lead to obesity or eating disorders.

Breath – Relax

Many people find different breathing techniques very useful when dealing with stress and exhaustion. Relaxation is a good way to support the healing processes that you have started one way or another. Now, we all know that stress is the condition that leads to various problems and diseases, including infertility or irregular cycle. The body is giving a preference to the cortisol if you are stressed and if that continues, the female hormones like estrogen and progesterone are not released. So, find your way to achieve relaxation and make it a priority if you your goal is to restore your fertility and energy.

Natural Supplements

There are some gifts from the nature that can support your healing process like bee pollen and propolis, maca powder and ashwagandha. You can add them to water, fresh fruit or vegetable juices and smoothies. Although, they alone may not heal you  but combined with the other methods you saw above and the coMra therapy, will feed your cells providing energy for them to heal. The superfoods are effective when you take them as a part of a healthy life and not only as an addition to the way of living that caused the issues in the first place. You can drink herbs like green tea, thyme, melissa (lemon balm), lavender etc. and use many essential oils on your journey back to a balanced and healthy you.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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