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How Dehydration Will Affect Your Health


Your body is mostly water and dehydration could be very dangerous and may lead to various conditions like heart diseases, muscles fatigue, headaches, circulation issues etc. We all need to drink a good amount of water in order to keep the body and the brain hydrated so they can function properly and be healthy.

How to understand that we are dehydrated?

There are several symptoms to show you if your body is dehydrated: you feel thirsty and the mouth is dry, you feel very sleepy or tired during the day, the color of the urine is yellowish and of low volume, the skin is getting dry and you might have a headache. You might even feel dizzy, exhausted and disorientated. If you already have these symptoms it means that the body and the brain need more liquids and you need to drink some immediately.

What could be the consequences of the dehydration?

If a constant dehydration is happening in the body, it may cause some small problems or severe effects on the organs and the systems, that’s why is very important not to deny the symptoms. The dehydration may be the reason for low or high blood pressure, increased or irregular heart and respiratory rate and may block the organs from working efficiently. As it leads to not enough oxygen in the muscles, you may feel muscle pains or even cramps. The low levels of electrolytes are interrupting the brain impulses to reach the muscles which may cause disorientation, mental confusion and chronic fatigue.

How to restore the hydration of  the body and the brain?

In order to restore the liquid balance in your organism, you need either to drink sufficient amount of fresh, clean water or to eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in the form of salads, juices, smoothies etc. The best water you could drink is the natural, fresh spring water. As the bottled or tap water is not of high quality, it is a great solution if you filter it or energize it additionally. The water in nature has its own energy and a special molecule structure which gives it the ability to bring life to every living creature on the planet.

How your body will change if it is well hydrated?

If you drink enough water daily, your blood will flow more easily, it will affect positively the blood pressure and will help the work of the heart. Also you might lose the additional weight, to restore your hormonal balance, to help the work of the stomach and the whole digestive system. However, if you already have some health issues, only drinking a lot of water will not be enough for your body to heal. If you have a heart disease, high or low blood pressure, muscle cramps, hormonal imbalance, pains etc., you can use the power of coMra Therapy to heal yourself and restore your health. It is always recommended to approach the healing process from a holistic point of view and to change your diet, daily habits and water intake if you want to see your body thriving with health and energy.

In order to fight the stress caused by our modern life routine, bad quality food and air, we need to take enough water daily. If you want to avoid dehydration, you need to pay more attention to the quantity and the quality of the water that you drink for a strong body and a well-hydrated brain.