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How Hard Would Ageing Hit You?


Age is just a number and recently as so many people are taking on the challenge to show to the world how hard did ageing hit them, you can see that people age very differently. So which are the factors influencing the process of ageing in people? You need to be aware of these in order to slow down the ageing process by taking better care of yourself and making the necessary changes in your life in order to look and feel younger.

Mindset and emotions

First of all, your health depends on how you feel and which are the emotions that you experience often enough to affect your physical condition. Everything starts with the way you think and how you perceive the challenges in life. If you think negatively all the time, if you feel fear, anger and despair on regular basis, it would be not a surprise that you will feel and look older than your age. That is the reason why you need to do what you love, to feel inspired and motivated at the start of your day. How hard would ageing hit you depends on what you think and how you feel.


If all the time you feel stressed and overwhelmed, your body produces huge amounts of cortisol on daily basis, which will affect your health in so many ways. From hormonal imbalance to autoimmune and heart diseases, stress would slowly destroy the health of your body. It is very important to find your strategy on how to deal with stress in a long term as challenges and problems in your life would not just disappear in a second. Yoga, walking, meditation, art therapies, swimming and exercising are among the key activities to help you deal with the amount of stress in your life.

Diseases and inflammation

If your thinking is mainly negative, if you experience harmful emotions and you are under constant stress, then you body will start to suffer. Diseases and inflammatory processes would be triggered, your energy would decrease as your body would try to heal itself spending most of its resources. How hard would ageing hit you depends directly on how healthy your body is, so you need to take better care of yourself to eliminate the causes of the disease. However, if the disease is already there, you have to approach a healing process that is non-invasive, does not include huge amounts of chemicals and is as natural as possible. The coMra therapy is a method that could heal almost every organ and system in your body without any side effects or pain. You can use coMra therapy is a pain relief, prevention strategy, to heal inflammation and more serious medical conditions. The possibilities of this therapy are endless related to health and healing and all the details on how to apply it are in the coMra user guide.

Lifestyle and diet

Habits like smoking, drinking and eating fast foods would accelerate the ageing process as they destroy the healthy condition of your body by bringing toxins inside. Medications abuse, a lot of processed foods and sugar would affect your health negatively even if you don’t see the signs of this now. How hard would ageing hit you is directly linked to how much amount of sugar you eat each and every day, sugar is one of the main factors your body to suffer from different conditions like diabetes, weight gain, high blood pressure, liver diseases and many others. You need to eliminate the unhealthy habits from your life and change to a rich in nutrients diet which would include a lot of fruits, vegetables and nuts. Chemicals that are found in processed foods and also in the common cosmetics products interfere with the delicate hormonal balance in your body as they are stored in different places. Doing detox programs from time to time would help you get rid of these stored waste materials. All the way, you need to drink enough pure water as dehydration would also affect your health and is a cause for faster ageing.