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How to Naturally Heal and Prevent Cystitis


The inflammation of the bladder  is called cystitis and it can affect everyone, however it is most common for women. It could be a result of an infection which occurs when bacteria is entering the urinary tract and when it reaches the bladder may cause pain, urge to go to the bathroom very often and a burning sensation while urinating. Some medications, hygiene products, hormonal imbalance or other conditions also could become reasons for cystitis. There are some tips that will help you deal with cystitis and you can try them along with the healing program prescribed by your doctor or if you need to control the symptoms and heal the cause by yourself depending on how serious the inflammation or the infection is. In case that the cystitis occurs often to you, you need to incorporate some habits to your routine in order to prevent it.

Water Intake

The urinary tract is affected greatly by the amount and the quality of the water you drink, all the liquids that you intake will pass sooner or later through there. The dehydration may cause problems to the kidneys and will disturb the ability of your body to eliminate toxins and waste materials from the bloodstream. The water intake is very important when there is any inflammation in the bladder or the urinary tract as while the immune system is fighting with the infection, it needs sufficient amount of liquid in order to clean out the place and remove the dead cells from there using the lymphatic system. You have to drink enough clean, fresh and natural water also as a prevention and as a way to support the work of the urinary tract.

Reduce the inflammation

The pain is the main sign that there is an inflammatory process somewhere in the body and you need to take some actions and to pay attention to it. You can try some diet changes like eating only fruits for a day or water fasting as a way to manage the inflammation and some habits like exercising regularly in order to prevent it. However, if you need to take over it quite quickly, your body will need some support. The coMra therapy is using the combined power of a gentle laser, magnets and the light to awaken the inner healing abilities of your body. You can put the coMra palm device on your abdomen where you feel pain and use the 50Hz frequency  as it is described in the Nephrology 3 in the coMra user guide. The whole treatment is about 25 min as you need to treat other points too for better results. You can apply this treatment one or two times per day depending on your case. You can also add cranberries and Aloe Vera which could be taken as natural supplements as they could  help you reduce the inflammation in the urinary tract.

Hormonal  imbalance

During pregnancy, menopause, diabetes etc. the hormonal levels in the body are changed which can lead to different conditions and one of them is the cystitis. During the hormonal changes, especially in women, the urinary tract seems to become a weaker place and the bacterial infections to happen more often. So make sure to manage these changes with care and in cases like menopause or diabetes to address the symptoms accordingly. The coMra therapy would help you with the hormonal balance too as it is very gentle, effective and has no side effects, it could be used as a prevention routine too. The Universal treatment 6 -Vitality from the user guide is great to start with especially if you just want to increase your energy levels, to improve your immune systems and to prevent hormonal imbalance.

Manage Stress

Stress is in the root of every disease and condition, so managing it is vital for your well-being. Every person has to find the best ways to deal with it no matter if  that is walking in nature, painting or playing with kids. The high cortisol levels are messing around with each organ and function in the body, causing blockages of the energy and stiffness in the muscles. The coMra therapy could be useful in these cases too especially if you combine it with relaxation or breathing techniques. The Universal treatment 7 – Nervous system from the user guide is a great way to deal with the emotional stress on a daily basis or in periods of time when you just feel that you need it. All the coMra treatments could be combined for better results.

Hot bottle and what to avoid

Many people find it very comforting to use a hot bottle on the abdomen in order to help the
muscles to relax as a way to treat spasms that might cause even more pain. Yoga, stretching and deep breathing could be helpful too if you have to deal with tight muscles. It is recommended to avoid cold water and cold showers, caffeine, alcohol, citruses and anything else that you know is an irritant for your bladder and will lead to even more pain if there is an infection or inflammation taking place there. So, the cleaner you eat during this period, the less toxins your body has to fight with and could use its energy to heal and recover.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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