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How to Calm Down an Overactive Nervous System


The health of the nervous system is crucial for your well-being and the quality of your life. The overactive nervous system is more susceptible to stress, irritability, hormonal imbalance and more. We all live at a very high speed and the nervous system together with the adrenal glands are very often overwhelmed resulting in anxiety, stress, depression and chronic fatigue. All the information and communication with the world around you is going through your mind, emotions and the nervous system, everything is interconnected. When there is an imbalance in your emotions, for example, it will start a chain-reaction in your whole body with all its systems and functions. How to calm down an overactive nervous system and to improve the healthy response to life and all the challenges that come our way?

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The art of slowing down

First of all, you need to slow down and breathe. If you are living at a very high speed, having difficulties catching your breath and finding five minutes for yourself, you need to slow down and create that time and space. You have to pay more attention to your feelings and to find your own pace in order to be able to heal. Learn to say “no” if needed, take care of your own well-being, do less and choose your priorities. The only way to avoid burnout and the negative effects of the overactive nervous system is to slow down, find your rhythm and move accordingly. When it is about your health, no task is nor urgent as at one point your body will force you to slow down by an illness or a condition, you need to avoid that and do something in advance.

Have a good rest and some sleep

It is part of slowing down – to feel when you really need to rest, to take a nap or to sleep more. It is essential to balance your active hours with a good rest. Having a massage, a bath, a long shower, a deep relaxation session or a nap could be crucial for your well-being at one point. Instead of forcing yourself into going and going, doing more and more, find the space to just calm down and rest, set your priorities and be gentle to yourself. Rest and digest is the healthy alternative to the “fight, flight or freeze” reaction to life challenges. Have a good rest and go over your strategy on how to tackle your challenge instead of rushing yourself into it, taking hectic actions and ending up exhausted and depleted. 

Work on your thoughts and emotions

Yes, your thinking patterns are these monsters in your head which are making your life miserable on a daily basis. If you want to calm down your overactive nervous system, you need to stop overthinking, limit the negative beliefs that you have, stop the negative internal dialogue which is full of all these undermining programs set there a long time ago. What you think will affect your emotions, and your emotions will affect the hormonal balance and your overall health. Each illness and disease starts in the mind first, then it manifests on the physical level. 

Tap into joy

Having fun and enjoying your time could have a deep healing effect on your nervous system. Develop self-love and acceptance, embrace yourself and find your inner peace if you want to really calm down and enjoy life. Laughter is a very good exercise as it boosts your mood, increases your blood circulation and activates many muscles, it will improve your digestion and will help you change the focus on how you perceive life. Having fun is healing you on so many levels, make it a priority. Going outside for a walk and to observe the beauty of nature around you will also help to tap into joy and beauty. 

Improve your metabolism, support your body

Of course, in order to feel good and strong, you need to have a healthy body too. If you want to take the responsibility, you will need to embrace a balanced and nutritious diet, make some lifestyle changes and take care of yourself. A good metabolism is the foundation of your overall health, the way you digest food is very important, so try to eat more fresh fruits and vegetables, take enough protein and drink a good amount of water daily. Another way to support your body and take the responsibility for your own health is cold laser therapy. With coMra you can heal a condition, soothe a symptom or achieve some relief from the pain in a non-invasive and gentle way, a great and effective alternative to aggressive medications and procedures. The treatment protocol to support your nervous system is coMra Universal 5 from the user guide.

To start using coMra, first search your health issue in the coMra User Guide. If you can find it, start applying the relevant to it treatment protocol. If you do not find it, start with coMra Universal 3 and coMra Universal 5 protocols. If you have questions and need support by an expert, please contact us.

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