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How To Heal Optic Neuropathy – A Successful Story with coMra


How a woman recovered from her optic nerve inflammation? Optic neuropathy is a painful condition as every other nerve condition. When the nerves are damaged or inflamed, people experience mild to severe pain and reduced mobility or as in this case reduced vision and color sensitivity. Although the cause of neuropathy may vary from injury to trauma or a reaction to a stressful situation, the main goal is to stop the inflammation of the nerves. Often medications do not provide the needed results and people spend years in pain and in great discomfort. The good news is that low laser therapies like coMra are very effective in supporting the healing process and in reducing the pain itself.

Find out what is coMra therapy and how it works

Here is a case report from Dr. Larry Wallace, OD, Phd. on how coMra therapy helped a woman in her fifties who reported a sudden loss of vision in her right eye. It was accompanied by severe headaches with blind spots and loss of a color sensitivity. She described it as “a curtain came over my vision”. When she came to visit Dr. Wallace, she was very nervous and tense and shared that she had tried many different things but nothing was helping. 

The woman was very confused on why this condition appeared all of a sudden without any obvious reason.There was no trauma or injury involved and all the conventional tests came negative. She didn’t know what the cause of the condition was, however the doctor suggested that it was most probably some kind of a stress reaction. 

The doctors in the hospital came with the following diagnosis – Ischemic optic neuropathy, Optic neuritis in her right eye. They offered her to start a medication course. However, the prescribed medications didn’t work and there was no change in her condition. That is the reason why she started searching for a second opinion from an expert in vision. Dr. Wallace is a behaviour optometrist who is dedicated to education and research in the field of color and laser therapy. He is a certified low vision specialist and has worked extensively in the field of visual rehabilitation for head trauma and brain injury. 

Do you want to know how coMra can be used to treat neuropathic pain?

After her visit, Dr. Wallace suggested that she start with coMra therapy. He created a special coMra treatment protocol for her based on Neurology 3 treatment from the coMra User Guide. She did 18 coMra treatments over 10 weeks with coMra Delta 905. As a complimentary procedure, a weekly acupuncture session was included in her program. The results after these 18 coMra treatments were: 

  • Blind spots and field defects reduced
  • Color fields expanded
  • Clearer near and far vision and improved contrast sensitivity 
  • The peripheral vision was improved too
  • She stopped taking her prescribed medications

While she felt much better after applying coMra therapy, she decided to continue. After one month of follow up all of the above improved even more. With coMra helps the regeneration of the nerves and improves the overall well-being. The coMra therapy can be successfully applied for a long list of health conditions and even used as a prevention method. Thousands of people use coMra as a pain relief and as a first option for all types of medical conditions and injuries. It is very effective for neuropathy cases and you can treat also the main cause of the inflammation.

Watch the video that we made on the particular case described in the article above:

coMra therapy Optic Nerve Disease

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