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How to Increase and Keep Your Flexibility


Flexibility of the muscles, joints and ligaments is something that people lose with age due to the decreased production of collagen and elastin. The more flexible is the body, the more young and healthy it looks and it feels. What can you do to increase your flexibility and keep it? What is the connection with the nutrition and why some people are losing their flexibility faster than others? Taking care of your body in a way to prevent from losing the flexibility with the years, is a key habit to keep the overall health and inner strength. The stiff and inflexible muscles and joints could become a reason for other conditions, so here is what you can include in your daily routine in order to prevent that.

Stretch but don’t overstretch

Moderate exercises have many benefits for the body and its healthy condition, the stretching is a part of every training or workout routine. Several minutes in the morning doing a very slow and gentle stretching will keep your joints healthy and will wake up your muscles and ligaments. It is very important to not overstretch as on the next day you will feel even more stiff and inflexible. The reason for this is the micro damage of the ligaments and the muscles that is happening when your body is warm and you decide to try your best at the stretching part. If you want to see progress or just to keep your current flexibility, just do a gentle and slow stretching routine at the beginning and the end of each workout or exercise program.

Massage with base oils

The massages with oils like jojoba, almond, coconut, macadamia, sesame etc. will strengthen your nervous system, will make your muscles more soft and toned at the same time and are good for your skin and your flexibility. The oils are a very pleasant way to keep your body young, beautiful and healthy. Even if you don’t go to a massage session very often, it is very effective to rub the oils onto your skin after each shower as by this you prevent your skin from dehydration, you protect your muscles and joints from the coldness or heat from the outside, the blood circulation is increased and the recovery process is supported. As far as the skin is the biggest organ, the massage with base oils is a good way to supply your body with vitamins and minerals that could be found in the nuts that the oils are made of.

Blood circulation and tissue regeneration

There is a direct connection between the flexibility and the ability of the the muscles and all the tissues in the body to regenerate and the blood circulation. The blood is delivering all the nutrients needed for each cell in the body to operate. The poor circulation of the liquids in the body can cause the stiffness and decreased mobility of some sections of the skeletal system. The coMra therapy is a way to heal or prevent from losing the flexibility and to help the regeneration process of almost each tissue in the body. The coMra Palm is a very easy to use device that is very gentle and effective at the same time, supporting your healing without any side effects. In the user guide all the treatments are described in details, as for the prevention from losing your flexibility and improve the recovery process, you can try the Universal Treatments 3, 4 or 6. You can either combine them with another treatment course that you are doing or apply them as a separate course to support your body in healing or recovery, or just as a prevention routine.

Deep breathing and proper hydration

The cell of your muscles and the ligaments need oxygen and water in order to perform their functions and to reproduce if they need to replace the old cells with new ones. This means that you need to breath deep enough, not too deep but not very shallow too, so to secure that your cells will receive enough oxygen. The proper hydration is vital for the prevention from losing the flexibility of the body and keeping its youth and energy. You can drink fresh clean water and eat a lot of fruits and vegetables in order to obtain the needed amounts of liquids.

What to avoid

If you want your body to be flexible and healthy, you need to avoid some substances – either to reduce their amount or completely eliminate them from your diet. The alcohol is the number one that is making your body stiff and inflexible, its consumption leads to dehydration and toxification, the muscles in the morning after are felt painful and hard. You also want to avoid processed fatty foods and white sugar as they also are depriving the body from its minerals and vitamins, they leave a lot of waste products in the cells, have no nutritional value and could make you ill. If you want to keep your flexibility, sugar is something to be avoided or its consumption reduced to minimum.

What to add

As the sugar intake, stressful situations and physical fatigue deprive the body from magnesium, so you feel stiff,  it is a good idea to take supplements with magnesium or eat more nuts like walnuts, almonds, hazelnuts etc. and dark chocolate. The magnesium is good not only for your muscles but also for the nervous system and it takes place in many reactions in the body, it will help you feel emotionally better and more flexible. Vitamin C is the other thing that the body needs in order to maintain its overall health. You can eat more citruses, green peppers, cabbages or just add more fresh fruits and vegetables to your diet as this vitamin can be found in almost every fruit. The vitamin C is important for the condition of the blood, the heart, the bones, the skin, the muscles etc. as each cell in your body needs it in order to perform its functions.

Have joyful moments and stay healthy!

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