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Treating The Causes of Hyperpigmentation With coMra


The melanin in the skin cells is a natural pigment responsible for the skin color. However, the skin tone changes with age and according to the overall health state. Hyperpigmentation is the condition when uneven darkened patches of skin occur after sun exposure, during pregnancy or after acne. The darker spots on the face, neck and arms are the result of an increased melanin production. But what causes the increased melanin production? It is not only the sun to blame as some people easily get sun spots and others can stay the whole day under the sun without any uneven dark spots. Why with age, people tend to experience more skin pigmentation and what causes the melasma – a larger area of pigmentation usually on the face?

Skin color and the sun

While the darker skin has more melanin, it tends to develop more hyperpigmentation. On the other hand, the lighter skin is more sensitive to the sun and burns faster if unprotected. Sun exposure is the main cause of hyperpigmentation but different skins react uniquely to sunlight. While the skin is the biggest organ in the human body, it shows every problem and change in the overall health. So, if the skin tends to produce uneven pigment, you need to search for the cause of the problem inside. Of course, with age the skin is getting more sensitive to the sunlight and more darkened spots appear easily mainly because of the hormonal changes. Yet, everyone is different and the sun sensitivity depends on the health of the inner organs.

Hormonal changes

Another cause of hyperpigmentation is the hormonal balance and it is not a surprise that it is more common for women to experience it. The monthly period, pregnancy, menopause and every endocrine hormonal imbalance could cause uneven skin pigmentation disorders. It is very important to address the hormonal balance if you suffer from stubborn dark spots as cosmetics will not be the solution in that case. The dark spots are formed in the deeper layers of the skin and no exfoliation or serum can make them disappear. You need to heal yourself from the inside without aggressive chemicals and medications. The coMra therapy is a very gentle and powerful way to induce the natural healing abilities of your body. It is safe and has no negative side effects. To treat the dark spots directly on the skin, use 1000Hz and place the device on the affected area for several minutes daily. You can apply the same in case of acne in order to stop the inflammation process, just make sure to clean the device with hydrogen peroxide after each treatment.

coMra Therapy to restore hormonal balance

A great way to support your body into restoring the hormonal balance or soothing the symptoms of these transition periods in hormone production, is coMra therapy. In general stress always causes some kind of a hormonal imbalance as the body gives a priority to the cortisol production. That is the reason why coMra Universal Treatment 5 and 7 are very effective in supporting the inner balance during periods of stress. However, if you have thyroid issues, diabetes, reproductive and fertility issues etc. which are hormonal imbalances, you need to address them properly as they all will affect the skin too. In the coMra User Guide, find your condition and apply the treatment protocol as recommended. You may find it very useful to treat the liver as it is the major organ to eliminate the toxins out of the bloodstream. Apply 5Hz on the liver for several minutes in the evening before going to bed for at least two weeks to support its functioning.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide (or download the mobile app), please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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