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Hypothyroidism Treatment Course Which Is Natural

Hypothyroidism is a disease that was very rare in the past but today the percentage of ill people is very high. Most of the cases of Hashimoto disease and other thyroid disorders, are among women. The causes of these conditions are very complex and still unclear, in fact many cases of thyroid diseases could go without the proper diagnosis for years before you find out what the problem is. The symptoms like chronic fatigue, feeling of coldness, not having enough energy, constipation and hair loss could be easily mistaken for other conditions before realizing that maybe the thyroid has some issues.

The condition

When there is hypothyroidism, you have the thyroid gland not being able to produce the needed hormones. As a result of this, it enlarges in size as an attempt to increase the production of thyroid hormones. If you have hypo function of the thyroid gland, you need to start taking care of it immediately because with time it could get worse The hypothyroidism treatment you can start applying today is not the popular hormones replacement therapy as in that case you don’t work on the cause but only cover up the symptoms. If you take hormones from outside, your gland will not start producing its own, on the contrary, in will become even more insufficient. You will need to calm down the immune system, to reduce the stress hormones levels, to support the major cleansing organs in order to help the work of the gland.

coMra therapy

This laser supported by magnets and light is very gentle but provides highly effective therapy you can apply at home. All the details about the different treatments are explained in the coMra user guide. All the processes in the body are improved by the combined power of a low frequency laser, magnets and colorful lights. In a very subtle but firm way, the body is leaded towards its healthy and normal state. The inner abilities of the cells to heal themselves is awaken through the influence of the coMra device as they use the energy coming from it, the tissues are regenerated and the organs are healed.

When you apply the hypothyroidism treatment course, you will see that the spleen is treated as well as the thyroid gland itself, some points on the head, the adrenal glands etc. You can apply this treatment in cases like Hashimoto disease too both with hypo or hyper function of the gland. All the autoimmune diseases are very specific and the healing process could take time. With coMra treatments you will heal the major organs which are connected to your condition and it will help your body to restore its healthy state.

Diet changes

In order for the natural and holistic therapies to work for you, you will need to look at your lifestyle in order to see if you do something that makes your condition even worse. In cases, like hypothyroidism and Hashimoto, it is recommended to execute some diet changes in order to detox your body and to calm down your immune system. You can try to eliminate some food groups from your diet and to observe if you feel better from that. Triggers for the autoimmune response could be gluten, sugar, lactose products, eggs and alcohol. In general, if you find your main trigger after the consumption of which you have all the negative symptoms, try to avoid it for at least several months. In that way, the immune system will reduce the attacking antibodies production and the thyroid gland will have time to regenerate. Taking selenium, vitamin C and zinc have also shown good result in supporting the function of the thyroid gland as well as the coconut oil.