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How to Support Your Heart By Improving the Blood Circulation


If you have issues with the blood circulation, your heart will suffer and it will not be able to function normally. Bad circulation is one of the main causes of the heart diseases, so you need to support your heart and take good care of it. The best way to help the work of the heart is to improve the blood circulation as this will release some of the pressure on the heart. As a prevention the natural ways would be very beneficial as they will improve your blood circulation without the risk of the side effects caused by many medications.

Body signs that your heart needs support

The sudden changes in the blood pressure together with dizziness, regular headaches and fatigue are the body signs to look for. They show that there are some problems with the blood circulation and your heart is trying to keep up. If you have noticed that you often experience cold feet and hands, shortness of breath, blood vessels issues and dark circles under the eyes, then you need to improve the way your blood moves in the body. Your cells need the nutrients, the oxygen, the hormones and everything else that your blood brings to them. Your blood and body liquids circulation are vital for your health.

coMra therapy

The coMra Universal Treatment 3 – Blood is specially created to support the blood circulation, to heal the blood vessels and to increase the ability of the blood to distribute the oxygen and other essential particles. In the coMra user guide you can find other related conditions and the treatments could be combined easily. You can apply Universal Treatment 2 – Heart on regular basis both for healing and as a prevention. The method called coMra therapy is gentle, non-invasive and very effective when used as prevention or as a healing procedure. It indices the naturally ability of your body to heal and regenerate, supporting the restoration of its healthy balance. With regular coMra treatments your blood circulation will be improved, the condition of your blood and its ability to supply the cells with oxygen, the blood vessels walls will be strengthened and the number of red blood cells will be increased.

Moderate activity

Try to include more walking and moving in your daily routine. It is better to take the stairs than the elevator as every activity that involves the whole body is beneficial for the blood circulation. Walking barefoot and choosing comfortable shoes will support it too. You can try regular massages and contrast showers as part of your program supporting the health of your heart. Having fun, laughing, dancing and doing your favorite hobbies are good both for your emotional and physical state. Any moderate activity will increase the oxygen supply and the work of the muscles will support the functioning of the blood vessels.

Spicy and healthy food

If you want to have a healthy heart, it is recommended to reduce the smoking and to eat rich in nutrients foods. The spices like red chilli peppers, rosemary, thyme, cinnamon and garlic will improve the blood circulation and will reduce the inflammations in the body. Although, they are good for your heart, you need to use them in moderation as the excess of spicy food could lead to increased body temperature and redness of the skin. The sources of good fats like the wild-caught salmon, avocado, chia and flax seeds, virgin olive oil are beneficial for the whole cardiovascular system, so you need to include them in your diet too. Try to avoid dehydration and drink enough pure warm water to support the work of your heart.