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coMra therapy Is In Harmony With The Principles of Life – Part 1


Do you believe that Life is a powerful force and nothing happens as a coincidence? According to you – does Life support your healing or it works against it and makes you ill? Can you think of a proof to your beliefs? Here is the topic of the article today – the first principle is that Life is a regenerative process. How embracing that will change your journey through life? How can you relate this to the process of healing used in coMra therapy?

Life is Regenerative process

This is one of the principles of Life and it works with every living creature on the planet – animals, plants, insects and people. Perhaps, many people have forgotten this fundamental truth. If you do not trust the power of life, if you don’t see life as your biggest support, think again. When you cut your finger, what can you observe? In several days the wound is closed and in most of the cases, there is not even a scar left. Your body has regenerated itself and you cannot even control this process. But what about more serious conditions like diabetes or autoimmune diseases? Do you believe that regeneration is possible in such cases too?

Your Mind is the Obstacle

The body is a very complex system where all the organs are working together. But your thoughts lead to emotions and they influence the body directly. Maybe you don’t see if it happens one time but a repetition of a certain thinking pattern will eventually manifest in your body either as health or as a disease. If the regeneration is not happening, then something stands in its way. And that is the mind, the thoughts, your beliefs and all the things that you tell yourself day after day.

coMra Therapy Works in Harmony with Life

If you support this powerful force presented in every living being called Life, healing is possible and simple. But if you have been living in resistance and denial for a long time, your body will need some help. Using coMra therapy is a a very gentle way to support your body into remembering what it feels like to be in harmony with life. Not that it has forgotten but because it spends too much energy trying to recover from the negative emotions which affects the hormonal balance and the organs. coMra therapy will awaken the inner healing abilities of your cells providing the needed energy, information and mechanical support needed for the recovery.

What do you choose?

Your choices will show in your way of thinking, talking and acting. Are all of these in harmony? Is there any distortion between your beliefs and your actions? If you choose to support your body knowing that it has the ability to heal from any known disease, do you act on this belief? coMra therapy is a method of healing that is life-supportive. It does not go against what is natural for your body, not trying to manipulate it or harm it in any way. coMra therapy supports the Healer Within with its low level laser working in coherence with the magnets and the light diodes. This creates an environment for your cells to start working normal again, to align with the intention of a healthy body full of energy. And this is another principle of Life – The Intent of a Person defines the quality of Life.