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Is Cold Laser Therapy Effective for PCOS?


Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (PCOS) is a health condition common among women occurring as a result of a hormonal imbalance. Small follicles with fluid are formed around the ovaries affecting their normal functioning.If the woman is experiencing a hormonal imbalance, the ovulation does not occur and cysts are formed. It usually affects women in reproductive age and is causing high levels of androgens in the body produced by the cysts. Due to the high levels of these male hormones, the menstrual cycle of the woman is affected.

Symptoms of PCOS

The monthly periods are irregular, infrequent or prolonged. The most common symptom is the disruption of the monthly cycle as it may occur several times per year or there are more days than usual between each period. This condition may cause abnormally heavy or light periods, sometimes they are experienced more painful. The ovaries are enlarged and with lots of cysts around them. Due to the high levels of androgens, a thinning of the hair on the head might be noticed or excess body hair. There are also skin issues like oily skin or acne, weight gain, especially around the belly and infertility. 

What Causes PCOS and Diagnosis

Doctors are not yet clear the exact cause of PCOS but it is often linked to insulin resistance, obesity and estrogen dominance. Each imbalance in the fine hormonal regulation of the body results in a chain of effects on all the other hormones. While everything is interconnected, high levels of insulin, cortisol, estrogen will cause a disruption in the reproductive or thyroid hormone production. The diagnosis is done by blood tests and ultrasound. With the ultrasound, the practitioner can see if the ovaries are enlarged and if there are cysts around them. 

Is Cold Laser Therapy Effective for PCOS?

The conventional treatment often consists of medication, or to be more exact hormone replacement therapy in order to stimulate the ovaries. However, it has the hidden risk of excess hormones and even worsen estrogen dominance, more excessive body hair and even breast cancer. So, what are the alternatives? First of all, changes in diet and lifestyle are highly recommended. Then, you need gentle and non-invasive therapy which will balance your hormones without causing imbalance elsewhere. 

Cold laser therapy ( low level laser therapy) is highly effective when treating hormonal imbalances like PCOS, diabetes, thyroidism, etc. The infrared laser emits photos which are absorbed by the cell, it basically charges the cell with energy that can be used for its functions. Often when there is a health condition, the cells do not have enough energy for regeneration and this is how the vicious circle is formed. Less energy means that some functions will be executed and some will be left for another time (like healing or detoxifying). But if the energy is not enough the next day and the next day, the cell cannot recover and it even gets sick. That is why the cold laser therapy is so effective for numerous conditions, including PCOS. Moreover, in the coMra Palm or Delta the infrared laser is supported by magnets and light diodes to provide even more efficient recovery and regeneration of the tissues. 

The Mindset Behind PCOS 

Let us have a few words on the psychosomatic reasons behind PCOS. What thoughts and emotions are linked to PCOS? As stated in the book “Health and Holism” by Théun Mares, this condition is caused by “feelings of gross insecurity” and namely, “feeling insecure and confused in relation to the male”. So, ask yourself – How do I feel in relation to the men in my life? What thoughts and emotions are arising when you start thinking on this question? Are they pleasant or mostly negative, do you feel safe and loved around your husband, father, brother? When you take the responsibility of your healing process, you need to observe each area of your life as everything is interdependent. The negative emotions when they are strong and overwhelming, when they are repeated constantly are affecting the hormones in the body, the heart rate, may cause headaches or fatigue. So, while coMra therapy is a holistic approach to health, we highly recommend when starting with the cold laser, to also turn your sight inside and work on the inner reasons too.

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