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Is coMra Therapy a Solution for Chronic Fatigue?


If you feel exhausted even after 8 hours of sleep and your productivity is 50 % less than normal, and if that repeats day after day, you may need to notice that something serious is going on with your health. Chronic fatigue is one of these modern health conditions that affects thousands of people. While it is not an actual disease, treatments could be irrelevant and ineffective. In most cases, people who have chronic fatigue are blamed to be faking it or that they just need some rest. However, this condition will not disappear for hours, sometimes even days and will not improve by resting.

What are the symptoms?

The symptoms are a lack of energy either in the morning or in the evening which is persistent and is there almost every day, muscle pains and fantom aches in various parts of the body, depression and irritability, emotional imbalance etc. The more serious issue is when it turns into a chronic fatigue syndrome which affects the immune response of the body highly resembling severe conditions like AIDS. So, it is very real and you need to look deeply into the subject to find the cause of it.

What might cause it?

We do not talk of just being tired and need a nap in the afternoon to be able to keep going with your day. Chronic fatigue is a serious condition and is a result of an inner imbalance that has been going on for a long time unnoticed. This could be a virus infection without very obvious symptoms, a long term inflammation which destroys the organ affected, liver malfunction or endocrine imbalances like diabetes, hypothyroidism, adrenal fatigue etc. The lack of energy is caused by the disturbed functions in the cell which are responsible for the production of the ATP molecule which transports and stores the chemical energy. However, on energy level it could be caused by great emotional stress, lack of motivation and desire to live, depression, anxiety and overall poor vitality. So, the question is how to heal something which is so fantom like?

Your body has its own intelligence and if supported will heal itself and will restore its healthy condition. The main problem is that your emotions and thoughts are directly affecting the chemical and energetical balance inside the body. We all know that the heartbeat is increased when we are excited and your stomach hurts when you are nervous about an important event. So, your body responds to every trigger out there and is sending all these messages in the form of symptoms when something is not right. If you try to invalidate these signals with stimulants or painkillers, the problem will stay and will get worse. Then, is there another solution?

Can coMra therapy help with chronic fatigue?

Due to the very complex causes of these conditions, it is not beneficial for the overall health to try to minimize the symptoms with chemicals.Whatever we say about coMra and chronic fatigue will not be enough and the best way is to experience it. While coMra could be used both as a pain relief and a healing method, it turns out to be very suitable in cases like chronic fatigue or adrenal malfunction. In fact, coMra is a therapy that supports the body intelligence exactly by improving the production of the ATP molecule in the cell but also by awakening the healer within. It is very gentle, safe and totally non-invasive. It by all means supports and enhances the healing processes in the body. The rest is done by the body itself. That is the reason why people have great results with all types of diseases and conditions. In coMra User Guide find the Universal treatments section to go through the protocols which were designed to improve the work of the major organs and systems in the body.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.


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