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Joint Pains and Arthrosis


When do most people realise the truly staggering strain our muscular-sceletal system in general and joints in particular sustain on daily basis? Right! When they got pains.

In the majority of cases joint pains – fortunately! – are not a big deal, just a nuisance, but then they can be a quite disturbing nuisance.

Joint Pains and Arthrosis

What to do about them?

As usual, prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is of vital importance for everybody to learn to use one’s muscular-sceletal system economically. This means proper sitting and walking (as these are what people do most of the time). One of the reasons why this is neglected is that learning is done best at young age while joint pains usually come later on in life! 🙂

Yet, in some countries great deal of attention is paid in schools to acquiring proper posture and mobility habits and the statistics prove that this pays off: they have significantly lower rate of muscular-sceletal problems later in life.

Well-balanced exercise can never be over-emphasised! And here I do not necessarily mean iron-pumping which – more often than not – brings injuries, not even fun but injury prone sports like football. A simple gymnastic in the morning, or something more exotic like Tai Chi or yoga may be far more beneficial. Of course, care must be taken to practice with well qualified coach – if there will be a coach – or else with good deal of common sense and discretion.

Needless to say, proper bodily weight is a key factor for joints health.

What to do when the pains hit?

Well, apart from the above good advises that very few take, what to do when the pains hit?

First of all, this is always a good time to reconsider one’s suspicious habits, but here we will focus on means for pain-relief and helping the body to restore itself.

Most medications do not work adequately well, because they rely on blood system and the latter does not reach the cartilage. The local ointments are better (well, some of them, of course). Good physiotherapists, chiropractors or acupuncturists can do great job, provided there is one around. And the really good ones are rare!

Relatively recently (say, for the last 30 years) it was established that low level laser light not only promotes prompt relief of the symptoms in cases of joints pains, but – if applied steadily during a long period (like 2 years and more) – it helps the body to regenerate the damaged cartilage!

Moreover, many of those studies were carried with rather primitive by today standards equipment.

coMra therapy and coMra Palm

Moreover, many of those studies were carried with rather primitive by today standards equipment.

The turbo-portable coMra Palm devise is ideal for treating fresh injuries, like from football, skying or just falling down the icy sidewalk.

It stands to reason – and it is well established by a number of practitioners – that when an injury is treated soon and by a sequence of treatments with 1,2 hours in between, it can heal amazingly fast!

Having a portable devise is also a benefit for traveling persons when they treat more chronic joints pains in long treatment courses.

Chronic Arthrosis

If the matters went worse already, healing will take more time, but the matters are still far from hopeless.

Here is the case of a man from Netherlands who persistently treated his arthrosis with coMra Therapy. If you look at the x-ray at the end of the report you will see something quite amazing: the cartilage got obviously better!

Osteoarthrosis Case Study

This same man carried small research project. He found 8 volunteers and gave them devices to treat their knees for 1,2 months. The feedback below speaks for itself.

‘I am now a week abroad, except some swimming and walking I have little or no intensive movement here. But the last few weeks I felt no pain in my knee. My attention is not really on it so really sure I’m not. But at least no severe pain or sagging or so. So, I’m tempted to say it it is going a lot better. I hope the next few day to be more intensively involved in terms of movement, I can then evaluate again. I’ll let you definitely know something.

Yes, after nearly three months it is easier to give an opinion.
I’m pretty positive. The last time I wrote that the complaints had decreased by 70%.
That it remains approximately. At night I had more trouble in recent weeks. Now I dress warmer (long johns daytime) and it goes again better.
In January, I was eligible for a knee operation but that is now unnecessary.
I’m glad I’ve participated.
I can recommend this to anyone.


Finally, just after last Christmas my wife sold a coMra Palm to a colleague of hers for ischialgia. This was somewhat urgent at the time, but after that she continued treating herself periodically. A week ago I met her and her eyes were shining, she thanked me at length and shared how well coMra Palm works for her. Although I know for a long time how well coMra Therapy works in cases like hers, it was nonetheless heart-warming to hear!