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6 Natural Keys for Women’s Hormonal Balance


How a woman can balance her hormones without medication and hormone pills? What do you need to be careful about when we talk about hormonal balance? Which are the factors that might affect it and what do you have to avoid or reduce in order to keep yourself healthy?


The balance of the different hormones in the woman’s body is essential for her health. If the levels of the steroid hormones like estrogen, cortisol and testosterone are too high or too low, various symptoms will occur and the overall good condition of the organism is affected. Fatigue, sleep disorder, mood changes, weight gain or loss, hair falling, digestive issues, infertility etc. are some of the symptoms. Of course, the body is producing far more other hormones such as the protein, amine and peptide ones however we will focus on the hormones that are most important for the women’s health.

The high stress levels, poor diet, weight gain and emotional imbalance are some of the factors that may affect the hormone production. Some medical conditions as diabetes, obesity etc. may also lead to it. The age is also a key as after a certain age, women are going through a hormonal imbalance called menopause which is a part of the natural cycle in the life of a woman. What can you do to balance your hormones naturally without medication?

Omega 3 fatty acids

There are good fats and bad ones, the good fats are providing the body with the lipid source that it needs in order to produce the hormones it needs as well as the fat soluble vitamins. Women need to get friend with the fat but of course, with the good one – the fats that contain Omega 3 fatty acids and not the Omega 6. The good fats could be found in  the extra virgin olive oil, avocado, almonds, fatty fish like salmon, chia seeds, flax seeds. You need to eat more of them and to reduce the intake of sunflower oil and all other refined oils, hydrogenated oils and trans fats.

The Importance of Avoiding sugar

The big amounts of refined sugar, white flour and even white rice, can be very unhealthy as it starting the production of insulin, the blood sugar level get high and the whole hormonal system is getting out of balance. Then the body needs to make it up and return the balance. Again the source of sugar is vital as in fruits, fructose is released slowly in the blood due to the fibers that fruit contain opposed to the fast refine sugar products that make the glucose levels in the blood rising up very quickly. The moderation is important and very important if you want to maintain good hormonal condition.

Cruciferous vegetables

Cauliflower, broccoli,  kale and the other cruciferous vegetables are very healthy but also will help you keep the estrogen levels in balance. The active ingredients in them are detoxifying the body and are binding to the excess estrogen, helping the body to get rid of the waste products. They are good for the microbiome, they provide vitamins and minerals that the woman’s organism need.

Improve Your Gut Health

The less amount of sugar, gardening, walking barefoot, the intake of the fresh fruits and vegetables are good for your gut and the microbiome in it. The gut is the place where the health starts, if you lack some good bacteria in the gut, your body might suffer from inflammations, digestive problems, mood changes, weight gain and hormonal imbalance.

You can take probiotics to help the production of good bacteria and also the coMra laser therapy which is also very beneficial for the balance of the microbiome and the hormones. In the user guide you could find all the details about the treatments of hormonal imbalance and digestive problems. The gut modulates the hormone levels, you normal weight and the absorption of the nutrients from the food. The laser therapy that you can do alone at your home with the coMra Palm has shown very good results with all kinds of hormonal imbalance, you just need to follow the instructions and use the laser for not more that half an hour per day.

The hormonal balance in women could be very delicate as it is also quite dynamic due to the cycles through which each woman passes each month and after a certain age. The healthy diet, enough sun and fresh air, time for yourself and gentle care will support your body and your hormones, and will help you feel energetic, young and beautiful. Find out more in our webinar recording below:

The secret of menstrual cycle - Exploring Natural Rhythms of a Woman, a Holistic Approach

Stress Control and More Sleep

The stress is the condition when the body is producing too much cortisol, another hormone that in great amounts would lead to general hormonal imbalance. In order to keep it in the norm, you need to find your way to feel good – spending time in nature, sport, meditation, breathing exercises, enough sleep, massages etc. Anything that will help you feel more relaxed, motivated and uplifted will reduce the cortisol amounts in your blood. Each extreme emotion is also causing great changes in the hormones production in the body, so you need to maintain emotional balance too.

The Role of Essential oils In Restoring Hormonal Balance

The essential oils are affecting the emotional state and the hormones production in a very gently way as their molecules are so light they can reach each cell in the body for less than twenty minutes. Clary sage, lavender, thyme are some of the oils that can help you keep the estrogen levels in norm. You can use them in aroma diffuser or mix several drops in your massage oil.

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