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Leaky Gut Syndrome Part 1 – Symptoms and Treatment


Although, some medical doctors are still sceptical about this condition being real, there are many practitioners who find the leaky gut syndrome being related to many diseases. The intestinal permeability occurs when you cannot digest certain substances properly and some particle from the food are released in the bloodstream. The reason for this are the “leaky”walls of the intestines which are supposed to protect the blood from the food particles. If this happens, your immune system is alarmed and starts searching for these particles in your body in order to destroy them. This process when repeated many times induces a constant inflammation in your body.

Symptoms linked to leaky gut syndrome

In the beginning, the walls of the intestines are slightly damaged and only certain foods cause pain or inflammation. You may experience some bloating after a meal, irritable bowel movements, diarrhea but they occur from time to time and disappear by themselves. However, if the leaky gut syndrome continues to be a problem for you, with time you might find even more symptoms linked to it. Feeling tired, without any energy or motivation shows that some nutrients are already not properly absorbed by the intestines. The digestive issues increase in number and you might have excessive gas, constipation, colitis etc. The regular migraines and headaches are also a part of the linked to leaky gut conditions.

If you have problems with losing or gaining weight, experience joints or muscle pain, have hormonal or reproductive issues, feeling constantly stressed, having difficulties concentrating, then you might have leaky gut. As it is often accompanied by candida overgrowth, you mind find yourself craving for sweet food or bread. Some autoimmune diseases like Hashimoto’s, Crone’s, diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis etc. are also related to the issues in the gut as the proteins entering the bloodstream trigger the immune system all the time. Your skin could also show that toxic substances are circulating in your body and you could have acne, eczema, dermatitis etc. If you have food intolerances and some kind of an allergy, then the problem could also be the inflammation of your intestinal walls.

Treatment of the leaky gut

In order to heal the leaky gut syndrome, you need to understand how it has occured in the first place. If you have some food intolerances, you will need to avoid the irritable foods as well as sugar. We will discuss the diet changes in another article. The most important thing is to heal the conditions linked to the leaky gut as the balance in the body was disturbed. Restoring your health could be much easier with the help of the coMra therapy. Whatever condition you have and you need to heal, coMra therapy will be beneficial for you. As you can see in the coMra user guide, there are numerous diseases that could be treated effectively. The method is totally safe and non-invasive, gentle and with no side effects.

For the recovery of the gut and reducing the inflammatory processes, you can apply Gastroenterology 9 treatment from the coMra user guide daily until you see some improvement, then continue as much as needed. If you have diabetes, Hashimoto or another condition, find the treatment course there and apply it too. If you want to support your general health, you can apply any of the coMra Universal Treatments. The harmonious work of a laser, magnets and colorful diodes will gently induce the healing process in your cells and will support the regeneration of the tissues. When your organs and systems receive the needed energy for their recovery, the healing will start and the depletions will be filled once again with time. The coMra therapy is a great way to treat your body naturally without medications, as it works with the energy of the body and heals the deep roots of the conditions.


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