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Leaky Gut Syndrome Part 2 – What to Eat and What to Avoid


The condition called leaky gut syndromes comes with many symptoms like fatigue, bloating, digestive issues and even autoimmune diseases. The problems are caused by the proteins and other particles passing through the intestinal walls. Some foods, stress and enzymes deficiencies could be the cause for the condition together with minerals depletion and malnutrition. On the other hand, if you have leaky gut, it could lead to malnutrition and depletion of any kind, so soon all of that could turn into a vicious circle.

Following the previous article about the symptoms and treatment of leaky gut, you may have started the coMra therapy in order to support the recovery of the intestinal wall and to reduce the inflammation in the body. The method is very gentle but highly effective, inducing the healing and regeneration of the tissues and the organs in the body. While you are applying coMra therapy, you need to avoid triggers like certain foods, stressful reactions, toxins from the cleaning products and allergens like pollen or gluten. Your body is a perfect system which will restore its own balance if you only support it and not interfere with it negatively.

What to Avoid

It depends on your food intolerances but there are some foods that happen to trigger leaky gut in many people. Such are sugar, gluten, dairy products and trans fats. You need to reduce or avoid white, brown and any other sugar as it feeds candida and other bacteria in your gut, causes blood sugar spikes and overweight. Although, fruits are very healthy, an excess amount of fruits and especially dry fruits will cause the same effect as eating refined sugar. Gluten is the other major trigger and you may find great relief if you cut the eating of foods like wheat, bread, pasta, rye etc. and replace them with buckwheat, rice and potatoes. Dairy products are often full of antibiotics, hormones and their protein chains are quite long which makes them hard to digest. Trans fats and refined fats are the other group of foods that you need to avoid which include all fried products and processed food.

What to Eat

If you have leaky cut, then your body cannot digest food properly, so you need as much healthy nutrients as possible. You need to eat proteins daily but not too much and the best sources are wild caught fish, eggs and plants like quinoa, chia, buckwheat, broccoli etc. You need to eat enough amount of leafy greens and other vegetables are they are rich in vitamins and minerals. Basically, most of your food should be plant-based and there plenty of recipes out there for soups, dishes and salads with healthy ingredients. Olives and olive oil, avocado, coconut oil are full of good fats which will support the recovery of the tissues. You can eat legumes, nuts and seeds but you have to soak them in water in order to get rid of the natural inhibitors in them which could also irritate your gut. Try to eat whole foods as much as possible and avoid eating cooked food that you don’t know what was used during the process of cooking it. Eating clean and healthy will help your leaky gut to heal and to restore the bacteria balance needed for the absorption of the nutrients.