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Liver Disease Symptoms and Risk Factors


The liver is a major organ which eliminates the toxins from the body, takes part in the fat and sugar digestion, regulates the digestive process and protects the body from harmful substances. The liver’s highly specified tissue regulates many reactions and processes in the body. The diseases of the liver are life-threatening, so the prevention and detoxification of the liver are needed for an overall healthy condition of the whole organism. The best way to heal the liver is to combine rich in nutrients diet, avoiding excessive consumption of animal fat and sugar and applying coMra therapy to help the cells regeneration.

coMra Therapy to support the liver

In order to support the liver without any more chemicals entering your bloodstream, you can apply coMra therapy daily for at least two weeks. This a very efficient and safe way to support your body and its major organs like the liver. You can treat the liver directly with coMra Palm daily following the liver treatment course from the coMra user guide until you see some improvement. Then continue as it is advised. You can combine it with other treatments which could be beneficial for your condition like, for example, Universal Treatment 3 – Blood, diabetes treatment etc. When you support the blood circulation and improve the condition of the blood, many organs will benefit.

Risk factors

Viruses, alcohol and medication abuse, diabetes and obesity are among the risk factors that may lead to liver failure. Exposure to toxins, chemicals and other harmful substances may affect the liver. Procedures like making tattoos, piercing or blood transfusion if not done properly in sterile environment could be a risk factor too. As nowadays all the processed and packed foods are full of unknown substances, the cosmetics contain too many chemicals, the air and the water are polluted, the liver has a lot of work detoxifying the body from all of them and definitely would love some help.

Digestive Issues

Abdominal pain and swelling, pain felt where the liver is, low appetite and issues with digestion would be some of the body signs to show that the liver is not working properly. Gaining weight easily, diabetes and insulin resistance are triggered when the liver cannot participate sufficiently in the metabolic reactions needed to digest sugar and fat. In fact, if the liver starts to fail, fat will be formed around it and will disturb even more its functioning. Nausea, vomiting, constipation, the altered color of the urine and stool are also linked to issues of the liver.

Skin problems

Your skin will also be affected if the liver suffers as all the toxins and waste products will be brought to the surface of the skin in order to be cleansed from the blood. The skin and the eyes may appear yellowish or with a lot of inflamed breakouts, some swelling in the legs and ankles, itching skin and tendency to bruise easily are all among the signs that you need to take better care of your liver. If you have acne and you find it hard healing it only by cleansing the excessive oil of the skin, then you will definitely need to detox and support the liver as the skin will improve when the inner cause for the problem is gone. Supporting the liver by eating clean, managing extreme emotions and applying coMra therapy will eventually be beneficial for your overall health and energy levels.

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