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Signs Of Hormonal Imbalance: Low or High Estrogen Levels


How the hormones production in the female body is changing with the years and due to the environment conditions? Which are the symptoms showing that the levels of estrogen are too high or too low? How to understand if you have estrogen dominance or deficiency?

How the estrogen levels change

Estrogen is a group of female hormones which regulates your menstrual cycle, gives you glowing and youthful appearance of the skin, makes your mind sharp and clear. But the levels of this hormone fluctuate each month and with the years. It is a very fine balance and if the levels go too high or too low, you will see some signs and symptoms in your body. In the beginning of the menstrual cycle, the estrogen levels are very low and they reach their peak when the ovulation is. After the age of 35, it is more usual to have estrogen dominance because the body is producing less progesterone as you move closer to the menopause phase.

Signs of estrogen deficiency

If you feel at your best only about a week before and up to your ovulation phase but you experience poor concentration, brain fog and forgetfulness during all the other days of your period, then you probably have estrogen deficiency. It also comes with anxiety, depression and mood swings together with the dry skin, saggy breasts, increased appetite and weight gain. The low levels of the hormone may cause insomnia with night sweats, hot flashes, headaches and back pain. The menstrual cycles are heavy and irregular or absent, the libido is low and the fertility is reduced.

Signs of estrogen dominance

If the last phase of the menstrual cycle comes with PMS for you, accompanied by painful cramps and followed by a heavy cycle, then you most probably have the estrogen dominance symptoms. It is also described with a sharp and clear mind but with a high irritability and impatience, anger and nervousness. On the other hand, you might have a strong sense of fertility and sexuality. The estrogen dominance is the main cause of ovarian cysts and polycystic ovarian syndrome, the breast pain and increased breast size, water retention, sugar cravings, weight gain and bloating.

What causes the imbalance and how to treat it?

The adrenal dysfunction caused by too much stress may affect the estrogen production, so you need to find your way to manage stress in order to reduce the cortisol levels and to normalize the estrogen production. The overweight could cause estrogen dominance because part of it is produced there too. The deficiency of nutrients like proteins and good fats, vitamins and minerals could be become the reason for a hormonal imbalance, so make sure that your diet is rich and nutritious in order to support the normal functioning of your body. The coMra therapy can also help you with healing the hormonal imbalance as it heals your organs and gives an energy boost to your body to restore its healthy condition. All the treatments are described in details in the coMra user guide making it easy to apply it at home as it is a very gentle and totally non-invasive method to heal.


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