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How to Make Your Body More Alkaline


If the body is too acidic, many diseases could start developing as then the natural balance is lost and the immune system and the cells are weakened. What can you do to return this delicate balance and to maintain health in a natural way?

The health is in the balance, especially between the acids and the alkalis in our body. In order to feel healthy, energetic and to perform at our best, our pH level (the concentration of hydrogen ions in the body) should be slightly alkaline, or a little bit more that 7 which is considered neutral. Due to many factors as processed food, stress, not enough water and exercise, we might move to the acidic numbers and disease may occur.

Enough water and liquids

A good way to keep your body alkaline is to drink plenty of clean, fresh water, juices and green tea. It is better if the water is structured or you could add lemon juice, ginger or apple vinegar to it.  As water takes part in almost every process in the body, dehydration should be avoided at all times. If you eat a lot of fruits and salads, you will supply the organism with water from them too.

Green foods

Adding some more green and alkaline foods to your diet is always a good idea as that is a form of prevention and also could help you healing if you are sick. The green foods are usually rich of antioxidants, vitamins, minerals and fibers and all of them are great for your body.

The leafy greens that are used in the salads have very high alkaline index and they can help you with the excess acid in the stomach. The potassium in them is good for the blood sugar levels and burning of the fats in the body as a fuel. Parsley, spinach and other greens have anti-inflammatory effect on the tissues, they are extremely rich in vitamins and minerals, will low your cholesterol and will boost your digestive system.

Take some power from the avocado as it is rich in vitamins and “good” fat which will assist your body in many ways, help you lose or gain some weight if needed as the nutrients in it will boost your metabolism and regulate it.

We all know that broccoli is very healthy and actually very delicious too. It is rich in fiber and sulphur which are great for the immune system together with the vitamin C. It good if you want to lose excessive weight and to have more power.

Laser therapy

Additionally, except changing your diet in order to make your body alkaline and prevent it from getting ill, you can use the coMra Palm that was invented to assist you in your healing and support your health in a very gentle and non-invasive way.  It uses the combined power of a laser, magnets and light and could be used as a pain relief and to boost all your systems. When you start the treatment of your digestive system, the coMra Palm will help your body to return to its natural balance and will boost the growth of the “good” bacteria in the stomach and the intestines.

It is all about balance, your body should not be too alkaline or too acidic. We talk about how to make it more alkaline because people usually are getting too acidic very easily. However, to go to the other extreme is also a medical condition. The rich in nutrients diet with a lot of fresh food instead of processed one, good habits and enough sleep, will help your body to keep the balance.