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Medications Can Be Dangerous During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is a precious time and when the baby is born the feeling is unique. To see this little human being for the first time, to embrace him or her, to touch, to feel, to enjoy… The mother is overwhelmed with happiness but there are challenges – taking care of a small baby, breastfeeding, sleepless nights, hormonal changes and even postpartum depression. She needs support, she needs something to reply on, something that will not overload her system with chemicals. Medications taken during pregnancy could be dangerous. The coMra therapy is a very gentle but at the same time effective way to support the new mother while she is pregnant, during birth and after. A very clean and reliable method to heal, to restore and to support her during all these changes in her life. It is so gentle and without any negative side effects, that it can be applied on babies too, just shorten the time. A beautiful story of healthy mothers and babies and hundreds of moments full of joy and love.

The Mother Has To Be Strong And Healthy

It is for nine months, the mother is carrying her baby and her physical body is the environment providing all the nutrients for the new life. All the little bricks that will be used for the creation of the physical body of the new human being are there thanks to her. However, the emotional and mental environment is not less important for the life of the baby. Each emotion will change the hormonal and chemical balance in the mother’s body and will affect the baby in one way or another.

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Life is not only physical, it is far more than that. It is a mystery and the creation of the new life is a sacred event that we know so little about. But one is for sure, the mother has to be healthy and strong to be able to support the baby during her pregnancy and after the baby is born. In fact, the challenges just start with the birth of the baby, many years after that she has to be there and to be in condition. It is said – happy mother, happy children. So, every woman should take care of both herself and the child.

Medications Can Be Dangerous During Pregnancy

During the prenatal period, the baby is very vulnerable to substances which are unnatural and superficial. The expecting mother has to avoid chemicals and medications as much as possible. Even the household products can be potentially harmful. Most of the medications and even wellness supplements, have a written warning that they are not suitable for pregnant women. In this context, each cold or headache can become a real challenge for the pregnant woman.

If an injury occurs, the option of taking painkillers should be very well considered and advised with a doctor as most medications are dangerous for the fetus. So, what then? There is a very effective and gentle option to support the health of the future mother – coMra Therapy. A safe and specially modulated low level laser therapy, suitable for both home users and practitioners. You apply it in cases like cold, headache, digestive issues, heart problems, blood pressure issues and many more. Even the perineum can be treated in order to strengthen the tissues before and after the birth.

When The Newborn Arrives

After this amazing moment which is a major change for the mother and the whole family, together with the newborn they come back to their home and the daily routine starts. Breastfeeding is something that is proven to be very good for the baby but many women experience discomfort and even pain. The nipples are very gentle and in some cases that could even start bleeding during and after breastfeeding.

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The coMra therapy has shown to have very good results both on the nipples and the milk production. Using the devices on 1000Hz several times per day to support the healing of the injured skin, is very beneficial and totally safe for the baby. In the video below, you can see what a midwife shares about her experience with coMra therapy on women who just had their child. You will see how she managed to help them with the post birth health issues.

Like a mother’s embrace, the laser will gently give a boost of energy to the cell, just enough for it to start healing and restore its functions. There are no negative side effects whatsoever, the coMra therapy is so gentle, that it can be used to treat babies and little children too.

Infrared Laser for Pregnancy pain relief, Breastfeeding challenges, Newborn baby health with coMra

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*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide (or download the mobile app), please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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