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Meeting coMra Palm


As someone deeply involved with coMra Therapy, I was indeed favourably prejudiced, thus I was very keen to see how my family will respond to my brand new coMra Palm.


You can see the enthusiasm of my son upon meeting coMra Palm below. He almost immediately used it for pain relief and he said it worked. Actually I am not sure if he did not “imagine” the second “pain”, just to have some more interaction with the new Palm.

I extensively tested my coMra Palm for the treatments I do regularly on myself (Hashimoto disease) and it compares well to the powerful professional Delta that I otherwise use. What I find particularly attractive about coMra Palm was the ease of use. It is much easier to treat with coMra Palm and do something else (not that this is recommended!). I also tried the idea of my very smart friend Garrett Murrin of hands-free treatment of the back and it works fine! You can see me on the video below. 🙂

Finally, I also tried coMra Palm where it is intended to be used: on the go. In the video you can see some shots from the tube and from a mall. I did not attract much attention. 🙂