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The Mindset Behind It: Low/High Blood Pressure


Which are the hidden patterns in the mind that would manifest as low or high blood pressure? How to understand the messages sent from the body in order to heal the condition starting with its cause? The thoughts and beliefs that we carry with us could turn into harmful emotions which change the inner balance of the body.

We call forth disease, or more precisely, dis-ease, when a lack of knowledge throws an area in our lives out of balance. The result of this imbalance first manifests within us as a dis-ease at a psychological level, but unless this is remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

If there are hidden patterns in our thinking that we are not aware of, they could cause a medical condition or some symptoms. Every time when we are in the particular situation which triggers a belief that we have embraced at some point of our lives, we would feel it in the body. It is in a direct communication with the subconscious mind where all of the hidden patterns are. So, the symptoms are like messages and we need just to listen carefully to see what information is there for us. When something is happening in our mind which is hurting us in a way that we are not aware of, the emotions will show us as they are expressed by the changes in the body. With time if you do not find a way to deal with the emotions,if you suppress them or neglect them, they will start turning into blockages and diseases in the body.

The blood

For the body, the blood is life, it brings all the oxygen, the energy and the nutrients to the cells, it literally brings life to each little cell in the body, connecting it to the whole which is the organism. The circulatory system is the needed condition for the blood to flow easily. The heart pumps the blood all the time and it is also the center of love, of joy, of the feeling of being connected with everything, of the feeling of belonging, of the feeling that you appreciate life itself. When we have problems in these areas of life, when we resist the flow of life and we don’t appreciate it, the body would show it with either high or low blood pressure.

Circulation disorders – Not trusting the process of life.
Pressure (low/ high) – Fear of survival.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

Low blood pressure

When the blood pressure is low, if shows the lack of joy usually starting in the childhood that has turned into the feeling of unworthiness and not being good enough or into the belief that whatever the person want to do will not be successful. The hidden pattern in the mind shows an attitude towards life of being a victim, not being able to deal with the challenges, of the not being able to make one’s dreams come true. It looks like a person who does not have trust in life, who doubts if they will survive. It show a lack of courage and confidence, the mind is telling that nothing will ever be good and you trust your mind. This condition is the message that somewhere some emotions of despair and hopelessness are stored, like if you do not trust that you will manage to live this life the way it is supposed to be lived. If the blood pressure is low, it could be linked to lack of respect for the self and the others and also with the lack of trust in love, in the capability to find and experience love.

High blood pressure

When the blood pressure is high, it might show the hidden pattern of not being recognized by the people in the family, with the feeling that the people you love do not accept you as you are. There could be unsolved conflicts with the members of the family, a secret wish that someone should leave or on the contrary that someone new should enter the family. The person with high blood pressure is very sensitive and overreacting, they live in a turmoil of emotions, always spending too much energy on thinking about the problems, on creating a lot of fuss and drama around each little thing. After the next disappointment, they have chosen to close their heart in order to protect from feeling too much pain, so no new love or feeling can enter their life anymore and life cannot move easily in their body. The blood vessels do not support the flow of life, but they create obstacles and the blood creates pressure trying to pass through. The hidden cause of this condition could be also an overthinking habit where you replay one and the same problem over and over again.

Shift the focus

So, when there are problems with the blood pressure or the circulation, the message is to let go of the problems, to trust life and search for the solutions and for the support instead of focusing on how nothing will ever be good and successful. You need to create a habit to look for the things in life that makes you feel joyful, you need to find something to really love, to feel appreciation and gratitude, to focus on the beauty, on the harmony and on the support coming from everywhere.

The Universal Treatment 3 – Blood by coMra therapy could be a good start in taking back the responsibility for your health. It is a very gentle way to heal the results of the high or low blood pressure on the body. However, if you want to heal the reason for the condition, you have to start working with the root of it, with the mind and the emotions.