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The Mindset Behind It: Liver Diseases


Which thoughts and emotions affect the health of the liver negatively? Are there hidden patterns in your mind which cause you to experience the emotions of anger and fear and how they manifest as problems with the liver? All the conditions on the physical level were born on the invisible level of the mind bringing you the message that there is a conflict going on that you do not see.

We call forth disease, or more precisely, dis-ease, when a lack of knowledge throws an area in our lives out of balance. The result of this imbalance first manifests within us as a dis-ease at a psychological level, but unless this is remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

The inner conflict that causes issues with the liver is linked to anger. All the toxic emotions like anger and fear if not released and used to create change in your life or in the way you see things, will be stored somewhere in the body causing diseases. The liver is a major organ which filters all the toxins from the blood, regulates the blood sugar levels and the burning of fats. If you eat too much fat food, too much sugar or too much poisonous chemicals like alcohol or medications, the liver might suffer and start growing in order to be able to cleanse the body from all that. The same happens on the mental level if you have too many negative thoughts about life and other people that make you feel anger, fear and resentment.

Liver Diseases
Suppressed anger at both oneself, as well as at others and life in general.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

Anger could be caused by many things, in its core it is the desire to find clarity, to understand more, to be more prepared in order to act and go for the change that you need. However, if you never follow that impulse and just feel angry all the time, then you just suppress your anger and not using it. Very often people feel angry because they feel a lack of something – money, love, attention. On the physical level, liver might suffer if you don’t eat enough food but run only on coffee and soft drinks all day. The inner “hunger” is caused by the fear that something is not enough and by the insecurity that even your survival is threatened. That feeling of a constant lack of something, might be on an emotional level only, could also affect the liver.

The toxic environment around you could cause liver issues too, for example, if you are tolerating behaviour that you believe you do not deserve. On a deeper level, you might see the situation as “poisonous” for you and your liver is trying to protect you from the harming people, job, activity, food etc. Sometimes, the pain in the liver shows that the detox process is too fast, you have stopped drinking alcohol and then the liver starts hurting, you have left the job you hated and then the liver start suffering until it manages to get rid of all the toxic elements and emotions you have stored in your body.

Shifting the focus

You need to observe when anger and the fear that something is not enough are triggered and to do the action needed. Ask yourself : “What does make me angry and what is the needed action? Is there a situation in my life that is toxic for me and what can I do about it?” Anger could bring a powerful energy that you can use to create a positive change in your life instead of just feeling “angry” or being afraid. Know your emotions, observe how your emotions poison your inner world and look for the message they bring to you. Applying coMra Therapy will support your body into healing from all kinds of conditions, however the inner work is vital in order not to cause the same health issue in the future.