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The Mindset Behind It : Overweight and Obesity


Which are the emotions and thoughts that will cause your body to react with gaining a lot of additional weight? Obesity and overweight could be a result of very complicated emotional patterns and the reasons may vary a lot. Every condition starts in the mind, so the emotions and thoughts will eventually manifest on the physical level as a disease.

We call forth disease, or more precisely, dis-ease, when a lack of knowledge throws an area in our lives out of balance. The result of this imbalance first manifests within us as a dis-ease at a psychological level, but unless this is remedied, it will eventually also manifest as a physical disease.

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

When the body starts to keep the energy coming from the food as a reserve somewhere below the skin, it is mainly because of fear. The additional kilograms are the blocked toxic emotions that you cannot deal with and you left them for later. All the reasons for the overweight are kept deeply on subconscious level and are hard to be reached and solved. Something could have happened in your childhood when you were not able to cope with the emotional challenge and you pressed pause leaving it for a better time.

“Obesity – Fear of life’s challenges.”

“Health and Holism in the 21st Century” by Théun Mares

Body expressions

If you gain weight mainly on the abdominal area, you try to hide your emotions from the world covering them with fat. It shows a lack of will to act and to change your life. If the kilograms are put on the hips, it is linked to hiding the creative energy, blocking the creative potential and the talents which were given to be expressed. If you gain weight everywhere on the body, it may show a trauma connected with aggression and violence, you literally are trying to hide from the world and to become invisible in a way. Or it could be the opposite, you try to make everyone sees you but not because of your talents, just because you take more space. It is a very strong resistance to your uniqueness, you don’t want to accept that you have your own gifts and the the world is waiting for you to share them freely with everyone.

Other expressions

Another behaviour pattern which will result in overweight is saving… money, energy, food, belongings. You don’t want to let things go or invest them, or give them to someone else. You just keep them for the days when you will need them. This is the emotional pattern of having an insurance out of fear of losing something, to have the spare plan which will guarantee your survival. The gaining of weight could also show a resistance to an authority, unwillingness to follow someone else’s rules, an attempt to be different from what you have been told to.

Shifting the focus

The solution is to let go of the things you cannot change and to embrace the life challenges as a chance to grow and to become the person you were meant to be. It takes a lot of courage to start working with the reasons for the overweight as it is connected with hidden pain and all of this pain should be exposed to the light of the awareness before being able to heal it. The coMra therapy will support your journey by healing the organs of your body and together with the inner work, you would return your balance, your health and your joy.


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