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Will coMra Palm go to Mars?


When I was a child I dreamed about being an astronaut when I grew up. Now I am getting old and it looks like this dream is not coming through. But as I monitor the news regarding space explorations I am aware about recent hype regarding the possibility send a manned mission to Mars. And maybe even starting to colonize Mars quite soon.

Lately there have been announced plans to get people to Mars by

Health in space

You may be puzzled why I am talking about space explorations here.

You may not know about one of the inspirations for creating coMra-Therapy. There is a Russian company called United Space Device Corporation who participates in Russian space exploration. In their early attempts for creating devices for use in space, they explored the idea of healing technology. The idea materialized as MIL Therapy. Where they combine and use the healing abilities of low intensity laser, magnetism and red light. MIL Therapy is by the way as far as I know quite well known and is widely used in Russia today.

Can we include coMra Palm in the astronauts medical kit?

You may know that coMra has gone even further and combines four radiances. CoMra uses the latest scientific findings together with old knowledge about healing and the nature of health. As a result it is bringing the synergistic use of different healing modalities (coherency) to the next level, through its efficiency, safety and variability of use.

So I ask myself what would be the best way to keep astronauts or Mars settlers healthy than give them in their medical kits their own very portable device which supports the healing abilities of the organism and by this making it stronger.

What do you say, should we contact all space exploration companies with the proposal to take coMra to Mars?

We have 10-15 years before the missions to Mars probably commence, so we have some time to experiment with coMra for example on astronauts on ISS.

NSBRI studies the health risks related to long-duration spaceflight and develops countermeasures to mitigate them. The institute’s projects address space health concerns such as bone and muscle loss, cardiovascular changes, infection, balance problems, sleep disturbances, radiation exposure effects, nutrition, physical fitness, rehabilitation, remote-treatment medical technologies, and neurobehavioral and psychosocial factors.”

Do you think that the non-invasive, live supportive technology like coMra has its place next to all those so called Digital health technologies?