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Therapy as natural as the sunlight


Sometimes new ways of doing things take time to get recognised. The first time I heard about coMra Therapy was 8 years ago – “Laser doing what? Uh, that sounds quite strange.” This is how my first stage of learning started. Was it against my initial concept of health that people need to heal naturally and how laser can be something that is natural?

First stage of learning: is it possible at all?

It took time and effort to get used to the concept that infrared low level laser, combined with colour LEDs and magnetic field is one of the most non-invasive and also natural healing methods.

Why it is natural and non-invasive? Because it is based on the light. Something we all intuitively know is that proper forms of light are extremely valuable for the body. For example sun is one of the best healers, though of course not too much of that.

What I have learned only later is that long before strong laser appeared (used for surgery), low level lasers were discovered to have non-specific medical properties. Non-specific means that they were adding speed to what is otherwise natural body process – decrease in inflammation, tissue regeneration.

Already in 1960s it was discovered that wounds healing speed is dramatically increased. Surely since then the knowledge of using laser light evolved and also benefits of LED light were discovered 1990s.

For example some systematic review of wound healing with Laser and LED is found here:

“The reviewed studies show that phototherapy, either by LASER or LED, is an effective therapeutic modality to promote healing of skin wounds. The biological effects promoted by these therapeutic resources are similar and are related to the decrease in inflammatory cells, increased fibroblast proliferation, angiogenesis stimulation, formation of granulation tissue and increased collagen synthesis.”

Slowly but surely I started to understand that there are hundreds of papers that actually demonstrate the benefit. The key was properly applying all the subtle combinations of parameters and Radiant Life Technologies had those keys. Every aspect in the design of coMra Therapy was very carefully chosen.

Second stage of learning: it is not a magic wand.

Carefully applying the non-specific properties of coMra Therapy it is virtually possible to treat almost every known and unknown condition (see User Guide) with varying degrees of success. Does it mean RLT has found a panacea? No and this is what I have learned later on. It is blood, sweat and tears that are required for every serious case and even then the outcome is not in the hands of a human.

Every process in the body has its speed. And every disease has its expression on 4 levels: information, energy, function and structure.

With coMra Therapy we can do as much as try to work with energy and function. However there are two other components to consider: information and structure.

If information remains the same then it will continue to feed disease. By information meant all that array of impulses that influence the body`s chemistry through nervous and endocrine process. For example prolonged and intensive emotional stress can lead to a disease. After many years or sometimes months it may also get to the level of structural changes.

It is hardly possible to reverse that without removing stress. And even then structural changes would take time required for the cells to replace and regenerate.

In the end of the day it is all about speed – “speed of disease” vs. “speed of healing”.

If we consider speed of healing – we can not possibly push coMra Therapy beyond its limits, otherwise it will not be safe and non-invasive. So every additional aspect as diet, physical exercise, sleep, positive mindset – all of them are as well important. Same goes for any other Therapy that is not damaging your body or irreparably alter its function.

Third stage of learning: lots of work to be done.

It is apparent that there are much more stages of learning to come and much work to be done for coMra Therapy to have its proper place in the toolbox of every practitioner and home user worldwide.

For me it is a most rewarding journey of regeneration to be a part of “Our future of health” and I hardly find anything more meaningful then that.