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Natural Healing and Prevention of Respiratory and Lung Diseases


Can you protect the lungs naturally and how to prevent from respiratory diseases? Which are the healthy habits that you need to incorporate in your life in order to help your respiratory system? How to heal inflammatory processes in the body without medication in the most gentle possible way which is at the same time effective and actually heals the roots of the condition?


Inhale, exhale … we do this constantly, many times per hour, every day of our life. The lungs are  major organs found in the thoracic cavity of the human body. The respiratory system consists of the nose, pharynx, larynx, trachea, bronchi and lungs. The structures inside the lungs end in really small air sacs called alveoli. From there the red blood cells collect the oxygen and bring it along the body to reach each cell. This is also the place where the carbon dioxide would leave the blood. If any part of the lungs suffer, the breathing process is affected as the lungs are working all the time, expanding and relaxing without any rest.

The lung diseases are very common due to the polluted environment, smoking, emotional stress or infections. These include medical conditions like bronchitis, asthma, pulmonary embolism, respiratory distress, respiratory tract infection, pneumonia and others. Some of these conditions are the result of a constant inflammatory process taking place in the lungs for years, others are infections that could be developed rapidly and some are chronic diseases often relapsing during times of high levels of emotional and mental stress.

Calm or Deep Breathing

As the breathing is the main function of the respiratory system, you need to pay more attention on how do you breathe. You can practice moderate exercising several times per week in order to make the breathing more profound and faster. The same way you train your muscles, you can train your lungs and this will increase their capacity and condition. Another way to make your lungs stronger is to try breathing techniques like the ones taught during yoga classes. The deep and slow breathing will provide many benefits for the condition of your lungs, heart and overall health.

Support the Immune system

In order to be able to fight the infections that may occur due to bacteria or viruses coming from the outside world, you need your immune system to work properly. The healthy diet rich in fresh fruits and vegetables will provide your body with the antioxidants it needs, however due to the way of living nowadays, this might not be enough. A very effective way to support your immune system and to heal the infections, is the coMra therapy. It is very gentle to the body, with no side effects but leading to very good results in time. The coMra Universal treatments 2, 3 and 5 and the Pulmonology 1,2,3  from Section 7 in the user guide are the ones recommended if you want to heal or protect your lungs. They address the health of the heart, the blood and the major organs in the body. You can start with any of them or combine them.

Stress Management

A stressful situation often affects the way a person breathes. This puts very high pressure on the lungs and the heart, the stress hormones are released in the blood at the same time and the breathing is getting even harder and irregular. If you are to run at this moment, that would help as the cortisol is the hormone used by the body to alarm all the systems that a dangerous situation needs attention. However, in our modern life, we are not in a real danger but the body reacts as if we are, so we need to manage the stress response. Try to avoid emotional stress as much as possible to protect your lungs and your heart. As a prevention in such periods of time, you can again turn to the coMra therapy and apply the Universal Treatment 5 or Pulmonology treatments from the user guide as a prevention method.

Quit or Avoid Smoking

Smoking is blamed as one of the main factors when we speak about serious respiratory conditions, so quitting smoking or not starting it, is obviously one of the best things you can do for your lungs. Not to forget that if you stay in a room where everyone smokes will do almost the same to your lungs as if you are smoking yourself. The smoke of any kind is to be avoided if you want to protect your lungs and the respiratory system, so for example, near the barbecue the smoke is also very dangerous if it is inhaled. The polluted air on major streets in a busy city also has very undesirable effects on the lungs, so you can try to avoid walking or bicycling  there.

Clean Environment

You need the environment where you live to be free of toxins, dust, dirt or chemical pollutants if you want to protect your lungs. The mold is quite dangerous, so make sure that your home is clean of irritants. You have to open the windows every day to refresh the air in the house or to use a proper ventilation system. The filters of which and of the air conditioners have to be washed often to avoid irritants flowing back and forth in the house. It is a good idea to get rid of any synthetic air fresheners or candles and to use natural essential oils diffusers or aroma lamps instead.