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Nerve Damage Treatment That Is Natural, Easy and Effective


If you have peripheral neuropathy, you will experience symptoms like numbness in your feet or arms, burning pain, cramping or pain when walking, difficulties sleeping and discomfort during the night, sharp electric pain, tickling feeling and even loss of balance and swelling. All of these come as a result of damaged nerves in your peripheral nervous system. Reasons can vary from injuries and diseases to exposure to cold weather or toxins. However, you can successfully heal your nerves and restore their healthy condition. Fortunately, there is a nerve damage treatment that is easy, non-invasive and very effective. It will help you get relief from the pain and regenerate the suffering tissues.

Be careful with medications

The nerve tissue is one very hard to heal and the recovery process of regeneration takes a lot of time. In that case, many people turn to painkillers which do not solve the problem but merely cover the symptoms. On the other hand, the nerve damage treatment with coMra can provide a good solution without the negative side effects. If you already take painkillers and medications to soothe the pain, you need to know that they will not help you heal. On the contrary, they only shut down the message your body sends about your nerves. Probably, there is inflammation in the body, your blood sugar levels are high, you take medications or there is another hidden reason. Your body sends signals to your brain in the form of pain, to inform you about a problem in that part of the body.

coMra therapy

The coMra therapy is a method that is very easy to apply at home on your own. The low laser working together with magnets and lights is a very effective and non-invasive approach. It induces the natural healing process in every cell of the body and is beneficial for damaged nerves too. In addition to that, it will improve the communication in the cell and between the cells, together with the hormonal balance and metabolism. The Neurology and Traumatology sections of the coMra user guide will show you how to organize your own personal nerve pain treatment. For example, Neurology 2 is for healing ischialgia or any other pain coming from the sciatic nerve. You can also apply the Universal treatments 5 and 7 in order to support your nervous system in the recovering and dealing with the stress caused by the pain.

coMra Palm

The coMra Palm device is small, portable and easy to operate with it. Start to get familiar with coMra Therapy step by step. You can use it as pain relief but it also assists the healing of tissues on a deeper level. With daily treatments, the nerves and muscle tissues will be recovered. You can address the cause of the pain with this coherent method without any negative side effects. You can also treat the causes of the nerve damage like insulin resistance, high blood pressure etc. The coMra therapy will awaken the inner healing abilities of your cells and will induce their recovery and regeneration.

Moderate exercises

It is very important to combine coMra therapy with positive changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to support your body fully. We recommend to approach your health condition in a holistic way. So, you need to treat your body as a system which is fully able to maintain its own balance. Therefore, include some slow and restorative movements which will help rebuilding the communication between your brain and the legs or arms. If you sit too long on a chair or do something with your hands, rest more often and do some slow movements. This will help releasing the tight muscles that could make the pain even worse. After that, you can include massages and moderate exercises in your nerve damage treatment program. In short, applying coMra therapy together with an active daily routine, will provide even better results.

Diet changes and supplements

At last, if your body lacks the needed minerals and vitamins for its recovery, you may want to include the proper supplements to accelerate the nerve regeneration such as magnesium, chrome, zinc etc. Therefore, a diet rich in fruits and vegetables will also give a boost to your immune system while it tries to handle your current condition. Another part of your process towards better health is to look at your emotions and to manage stress. The high levels of cortisol affect the ability of your body to reduce inflammations.

*If you cannot find your condition in the coMra User Guide, please write to us at and we will provide all the needed information to support your healing journey.

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CoMra and Your Health -- many years of home and professional experience:

Over the years, we have accumulated lots of appreciation and inspiring results with both home users and professionals.

Sometimes, it takes a good 10 years or so as to look back and see what actually coMra does and how it changes the quality of life of everyone.

CoMra and Your Health -- We share years of home and professional experience
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coMra therapy for cranial nerve damage:

In the following case study, you will see the story of a female who had a brain tumour surgery. The surgeons damaged the 6th cranial nerve accidentally, resulting in her right eye being completely turned in. Some swelling and damage to the optic nerve was also noted. What happened next? Six months post surgery, doctors from the hospital sent her away as there was nothing more they could do. In other words, the case was considered hopeless. Soon after that, she got familiar with coMra therapy. Then she was treated with coMra Neurology 3 (modified) protocol by Dr. Larry Wallace, OD, Phd. Watch the video to find out how this changed her experience and what results were achieved.

coMra therapy for cranial nerve damage
Watch this video on YouTube.