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Nerve Damage Treatment That Is Natural, Easy and Effective

If you have peripheral neuropathy, you will experience symptoms like numbness in your feet or arms, burning pain, cramping or pain when walking, difficulties sleeping and discomfort during the night, sharp electric pain, tickling feeling and even loss of balance and swelling. All of these come as a result of damaged nerves in your peripheral nervous system. Reasons could be different from injuries and diseases to exposure to cold weather or toxins, however you successfully can heal your nerves and restore their healthy condition. Fortunately, there is a nerve damage treatment that is easy, natural, non-invasive and very effective, which will help you get relief from the pain and regenerate the suffering tissues.

Be careful with medications

If you already take painkillers and medications to cover up all the symptoms, you need to know that they will not help you healing. On the contrary, they only shut down the message your body sends about your nerves which are damaged and are progressively dying. Probably, there are other inflammations in the body, your blood sugar levels are high, you take a lot of other medication or there is a hidden reason for this condition. Your body is sending these signals to your brain in the form of pain, to inform you that there is a problem in a particular part of the body.

coMra therapy

There are many conditions and diseases that coMra therapy could heal and peripheral neuropathy is one of them. The harmonious work of a laser, magnets and light diodes help the body to recover and maintain its healthy condition. Applying it as a nerve damage treatment, you will see with time that the pain is reduced which is the result of the regeneration of the nerves and the surrounding tissues. In the Neurology section of the coMra user guide, you could find all the details and instructions on how to apply it at home as it was made to be used by everyone.

The device called coMra Palm is small, portable and easy to operate with it. Doing the daily treatments will actually heal your body without any negative side effects. You can also successfully address the reasons for the nerve damage like insulin resistance, high blood pressure etc. The coMra therapy is very gentle to your body but at the same time it is powerful enough to awaken the inner healing abilities of your cells and to support them to become strong and healthy again.

Moderate exercises

It is very important to combine coMra therapy with positive changes in your diet and lifestyle in order to support your body fully. Slow, restorative movements will help the rebuilding of the communication between your brain and the legs or the arms. You can include massages and moderate exercises in your nerve damage treatment course in order to accelerate the healing process. Applying coMra therapy together with an active daily routine, will provide even better results as you need to take care of your body and not to deny the signals that it sends you. Your nerves could be recovered and healthy again, you just need to follow the coMra treatment course and to eliminate the reasons for the condition.

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