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Natural Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy

The damage of the peripheral nerves which causes pain and weakness in the muscles often result in peripheral neuropathy. It is usually felt in the arms and the legs but could affect also other areas of the body. The symptoms may vary depending on the type of nerves affected. As each of the nerves has its own unique function, the signs of damage could be very different from numbness and tingling to sharp or burning pain. Other symptoms might include extreme sensitivity to touch, lack of coordination, inability to move, heat intolerance, digestive problems, changes in the blood pressure etc.

The natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy have to include the knowledge of the cause because diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, traumas, autoimmune diseases, exposure to toxic substances and alcoholism are among the possible reasons. If you know where the roots of the disease are, you can actually heal it and not only deal with the symptoms which are the results of the disorder. If the reason for the nerves damage is an infection, medications intake or physical injury, you again need to work on it too in order to heal the peripheral nervous system which was damaged as a result. Physical therapy that includes specific movements will help get back in shape, but first of all you need to heal the nerves.

coMra therapy

The power of coMra therapy is hidden in the coherent work of a laser, magnets and light diodes which provide very effective but non-invasive natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy and many other medical conditions. Applying the therapy you are healing the cells and the organs in your body, restoring the balance and the healthy state of each system. Although, it is a gentle procedure without any uncomfortable feelings or side effects, coMra therapy is very beneficial and easily applied by everyone and everywhere. Through the years, it has shown great results with all kinds of conditions and injuries, so the sooner you start, the better results would be. The laser, magnets and lights work together to give your cells the energy they need in order to heal, but also to awaken the natural healing abilities that every organism has. It works in harmony with the natural processes in the body and has the potential to heal even chronic diseases.

Choice of treatment

To support the nervous system you can start with the Universal treatments 5 and 7 which could be applied as a prevention practice too. Depending on the reason for the nerve damage, you can combine several treatments from the coMra user guide, creating your own scheme. You can choose a treatment from the Neurology section of the user guide depending on the type of nerve affected. If you suffer from diabetes, autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc., you need to apply also the treatment created specifically for that type of medical condition. If you have an injury of a joint, muscle or a bone, you need to treat the place too in order to support the tissues regeneration.

The coMra therapy has so much potential to heal your body, you just need to observe yourself and search for the deep roots of your diseases, including your emotional state and mindset too. Everything is connected and the diseases first occur on the mental and emotional level, before their manifestation on the physical plane. The holistic approach includes a rich in nutrients diet, connection with nature and inner work that eliminates the negative thoughts patterns. The natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy needs a good observation of each area of your life which is supposed to be changed in order to be healthy. All that could take some time but coMra therapy will support your physical healing and will give you the time to search for the deeper reasons for your condition

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