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Natural Treatment for Peripheral Neuropathy


Do you know how to treat peripheral neuropathy naturally and without using medications and painkillers? There is a way to address this condition without aggressive chemicals. So, what natural treatment for peripheral neuropathy can you actually apply at home? The treatment is natural, safe and highly effective. There are many people who achieved great results with coMra therapy. An alternative method combining low level laser with magnets and light diodes used to awake the healing abilities of your own body. The application is easy and you can do it on your own at home. All the details that you need to start applying coMra are provided on the website and you can always ask. However, first of all what are the symptoms of peripheral neuropathy?

The damage of the peripheral nerves which causes pain and weakness in the muscles often results in peripheral neuropathy. It is usually felt in the arms and the legs but can also affect other areas of the body. The symptoms may vary depending on the type of nerves affected. As each of the nerves has its own unique function, the signs of damage could be very different from numbness and tingling to sharp or burning pain. Other symptoms include extreme sensitivity to touch, lack of coordination, inability to move, heat intolerance, digestive problems, changes in the blood pressure etc.

What causes neuropathy?

The natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy starts with the knowledge of the cause. Diseases like diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, traumas, autoimmune conditions, exposure to toxic substances and alcoholism are among the possible reasons. If you know where the roots of the disease are, you will have more clarity on how to heal it. Otherwise, you will only deal with the symptoms which are the results of it. The cause of the nerves damage can also be an infection, medications intake or physical injury. In any case, you need to address it in order to heal the peripheral nervous system which was damaged as a result. Physical therapy that includes specific movements will help you get back in shape, but first of all you need to heal the nerves. Is it possible to induce nerve regeneration?

coMra therapy

Although, it is a gentle procedure without any unpleasant sensations or side effects, coMra therapy is very beneficial. The power of coMra therapy is in the coherent work of a low laser, magnets and light diodes. By increasing the energy in the cells, it provides very effective but non-invasive natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy. Applying coMra will increase the resources of your body needed for healing and regeneration. The sooner you start, the better results will be. Low level laser therapies like coMra are very effective in treating various conditions. However, coMra is even more than that as the laser was specifically modulated to work in coherence with the magnets and the diodes. By improving the energy metabolism in the cell, it induces the inner healing abilities of your body. In other words, coMra works with the intelligence of the body and not against it.

Using laser treatment for neuropathy has many benefits as it will actually heal the nerves together with the cause of the condition. The coMra therapy is a method that is very easy to apply at home on your own. Low level infrared laser working together with magnets, colour LED lights and ultrasound is a very effective and non-invasive approach. It induces the natural healing process in any cell of the body and is beneficial for damaged nerves too. In addition to that, it will improve the communication in the cell and between the cells, together with the hormonal balance and metabolism.

Natural treatment for peripheral neuropahy with coMra

To support the nervous system you can start with coMra Universal treatments 5 and 7 to boost up the recovery process. Depending on the reason for the nerve damage, you can combine several treatments from the coMra user guide, creating your own scheme. You can choose a treatment from the Neurology section of the user guide depending on the type of the nerves affected. If you suffer from diabetes, autoimmune disease, rheumatoid arthritis etc., you need to apply also the treatment created specifically for that type of medical condition. If you have an injury of a joint, muscle or a bone, you need to treat the place too in order to support the tissues regeneration.

Improve the blood circulation

In coMra there is a very good protocol for improving the blood circulation – Universal treatment 3 – Blood. It is essential for your natural treatment of peripheral neuropathy. The blood carries all the nutrients and flushes out all the toxins from the body. When there are waste materials and toxins stuck in the muscles, the healing is not possible as they turn into a center of permanent inflammation. With coMra the quality of the blood is improved, the speed is increased, the blood vessels are strengthen and the the production of red blood cells is increased. That is the reason why Universal treatment protocol – 3 Blood is a part of many other coMra treatment courses.

What else you can include in your routine to increase the microcirculation? First of all, you will need to incorporate some exercise and massage. The tightness of the muscle will cause even more pain, so make sure that you move gently every day. Warm bath in the evening will also alleviate pain and will calm down your nervous system improving your sleep. Acupuncture can also be very beneficial for you as it helps to release the toxins and to release the blockages in different parts of the body.

More natural remedies for neuropathy

Avoid smoking and sugar and eat more fresh vegetables to fight the free radicals which are very harmful. Overall, try to eat a balanced and healthy diet in order to supply your body with the best fuel needed for recovery. It is vital to keep the blood sugar levels stable and to manage your stress response too. Some essential oils like lavender, lemon and salvia have anti-inflammatory and calming properties. Of course, you have to dilute them in base oil before rubbing them on the skin. Meditation and relaxation are not only great for your mind and emotions but will decrease the cortisol levels in your body which leads to a better hormonal balance. Peripheral neuropathy can be reversed with patience, responsibility and conviction that to be pain free is your natural state.

On a deeper level

How do you feel inside? What are you thinking all the time? Are there some repetitive patterns of emotions which are with you for years? While coMra therapy has so much potential to heal your body, there is more to health. Basically, you are a very complex being. You need to start observing yourself more. Search for the deeper roots of your diseases, including your emotional state and mindset. Everything is connected and the diseases first occur on the mental and emotional level. After that they manifest on the physical plane. The holistic approach includes doing some inner work to eliminate the negative thoughts patterns. All that could take some time but coMra therapy will support your physical healing and will give you the power back in your hands.

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Healing Pain (an excerpt from coMra therapy eBook)

The application of coMra therapy leads to partial or complete relief of pain sensations caused by surgery, trauma, burns, cuts, muscle spasms in the gastrointestinal tract, physical exhaustion, chronic migraine, alcohol intoxication, fibromyalgia, multiple sclerosis and so on. To some degree these effects of pain relief are also observed after Low Level Laser Therapy and Magnetic Infrared Laser Therapy.

Some researchers have suggested that these low-intensity therapies act in the same way as analgesic drugs – by inhibiting or blocking the transmission of the noxious signal through somatosensory nerve fibres.

Numerous experiments have confirmed that low-level laser irradiation indeed decreases amplitudes of somatosensory evoked potentials. For example, Wakabayashi et al. recorded evoked action potentials generated by electrical stimulation of tooth pulp and noted changed electrical activity in neurones after laser irradiation. It was suggested that the laser blocked/suppressed the electrical signals.

In our opinion, a much more accurate presentation of pain relief following laser therapy or coMra therapy can be based on the general theory of pain as an integrated warning system of intracellular energy deficit in tissue, suggested by Liedtke. When a cell is injured as a result of any type of noxious stimuli (mechanical, temperature, toxicity etc.) it shows a negative difference between the available energy and the energy need.

Impaired performance of energy-dependent ion pumps and ion channels leads to a shift of extracellular ion composition of Na+, K+, Ca2+. According to the Hodgkin–Huxley model, such an ion shift leads to a change of neuronal membrane potential, excitability and conductivity.

Therefore, acute pain can be viewed as a signal of critical energy deficit in injured cells. CoMra therapy enhances the efficiency of energy metabolism and thus accelerates the restoration of energy balance within minutes of treatment. As a cell’s internal homeostasis is restored, neurones in proximity to the injured cell normalise their excitability, thereby generating fewer and fewer electrical signals. Interestingly, Liedtke also predicted that ‘‘energetic surplus” in the cellular energy balance could induce an opposite phenomenon of a ‘‘negative pain”, thus a ‘‘positive perception”, such as, for example, a mood upswing or euphoria. And indeed, one of the most common effects of coMra therapy treatments on someone in acute pain is a sensation of “lightness” in the body and joy.

In situations of chronic pain and significant injury, the initial pain relief after coMra therapy can sometimes last only a few hours and then the pain can return. We believe that this should not be confused with the short-lasting effects of analgesic drugs. CoMra treatments should be continued in these cases for weeks, months and even years, where there has been severe damage to the nervous system until ultrastructural damage to cells is restored enough for energy metabolism to become self-sufficient.



Chronic Nerve Pain 3 cases; Postherpetic Neuralgia Sciatic, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Median Neuralgia:

Dr Zlatev, MD, shares three cases of severe chronic nerve pain. As of 2019 Dr Zlatev is no longer alive. He has made a great contribution to coMra practice when he was alive.

Herpes Zoster (Shingles/ Postherpetic Neuralgia) of the sciatic nerve at the hip, Trigeminal Neuralgia, and surgically damaged median nerve (2 carpal tunnel surgeries). All treated successfully with coMra: traumatology 9 (modified), taumatology 19 (modified)neurology 2 (modified), neurology 4, traumatology 7 (modified). More in

Chronic Nerve Pain 3 cases; Postherpetic Neuralgia Sciatic, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Median Neuralgia

coMra therapy for femoral nerve injury:

Female with nerve injury of unknown cause resulting in a leg pain, lameness and atrophy. Also a loss of muscle mass in her leg, perimeter of one thigh is 8 cm smaller then the other. Due to nerve injury motion, sensation and nutrition are affected.

After all sorts of tests and hospitals — no help found. Case considered hopeless.

Treated with coMra therapy Neurology 2 for 45 treatments (3 full courses of treatments) modified for femoral nerve. Full User Guide available here:

As a result of treatment the patient had no pain or lameness in her legs. Perimeter of thinner thigh increased by 3.5 cm. Restoration considered remarkable given the difficulty of restoring nutritive function of the damaged nerves.

coMra therapy for femoral nerve injury

coMra therapy for optic nerve disease:

Female had a sudden decrease of vision in one eye, severe headaches impacting the vision. Neuropathy was diagnosed in her optic nerve. However, conventionally nothing could be done about it nor could they find any cause. All tests came negative.

She tried a number of different things and nothing helped, including steroids.

Then she was treated with coMra Neurology 3 modified for 18 treatments over 10 weeks with Delta “Strong” 905nm.

Full User Guide you may find at

As a result, visual acuity improved 20% near and far, contrast sensitivity improved 30%. Blind spot reduced, colour fields expanded, fields defects reduced. Follow up check ups showed continued improvement.

coMra therapy Optic Nerve Disease