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Nerve Pain Treatment You Can Apply at Home

The pain coming from a pinched nerve somewhere in the body, could be mild or severe and usually movements make it even worse. The nerves usually get pinched on the back, near the spinal cord and that is felt at the lower back and in the legs, but this could also happen on the arms, the wrists, ankles etc. What is the nerve pain treatment that you could apply by yourself at the comfort of your home in order to soothe the symptoms and to be able to get some rest.

coMra therapy

Applying coMra therapy is a pleasant way to deal with any sort of pain and could be very helpful to treat your nerves, especially when there is an inflammatory process going on. The combined power of a gentle laser, magnets and light will soothe the pain and will help your body to recover from the inflammation. The coMra therapy could be applied with the device called coMra Palm which is a portable and easy to use, so you could carry it with you wherever you go. The nerve pain treatments could be found in the Neurology section of the coMra user guide. For example, Neurology 2 is for healing ischialgia or any other pain coming from the sciatic nerve. The waves of the laser will gently give your body the energy it needs in order to recover the nerves, to release the tensions in the muscles and to deal with the center of the pain.

Pain relief and regeneration

The coMra therapy not only help you deal with the pain which is a result of the nerve damage or because it is pinched, but also regenerates the tissues. The nerve pain treatment with coMra Palm could be done together with massage therapy and gentle stretching in order to release the nerve. You can treat the place where the nerve is pinched or at its start point and go along with the device the whole nerve itself as usually the pain starts from the back but could be felt along the leg or the arm. The Neurology and Traumatology sections of the coMra user guide will show you how to organize your own personal nerve pain treatment in order to receive the best results from the therapy. You could also apply the Universal treatments 5 and 7 in order to support your nervous system in the recovering and dealing with the stress caused by the pain.

Lifestyle changes

As coMra therapy is a part of the holistic approach to health, it is recommended to make some changes in your daily routine as a way to find the reason for your condition and to avoid it. If you sit too long on a chair or do something with your hands, you need to make some time to rest and do some slow movements in order to release the tight muscles that could make the pain even worse. Massages, supplements and seeing a chiropractor done together with coMra therapy will give even faster results in dealing with the pain and the inflammatory process.

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