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Nerve Pain Treatment Options Without Medications


Some medical conditions, injuries or inflammations may lead to nerve pain in various parts of your body. The nerves react to the changes in the chemical balance in your body and you will feel their damage as burning pain, cramping or even tickling. It is very common to feel numbness or sharp electric pain in your legs or arms if your peripheral nervous system is affected. Some autoimmune conditions, diabetes and heart diseases are linked to nerve damage too. A lot of people also experience difficulties with sleeping due to the pain, losing balance or discomfort when walking or moving, swelling of arms and legs. Sometimes reasons for nerve damage could be an exposure to toxins or cold weather and as a side effect from taking some medications.


The first step would be to find out where in your body inflammatory processes are taking place. If you have digestive issues, high blood pressure, high temperature, an autoimmune disease etc., then your body experiences a continuous inflammation. In order to address it properly, you will need to heal the reasons not only covering the symptoms with painkillers and aggressive medications. If you already take such products, you know that the pain comes back the moment when they don’t work anymore and then you need another dose. However, while you cover the pain with medications, the nerves are getting worse and worse, the damage stays and there is no progress towards healing.

coMra therapy

This method is a non-invasive way to heal so many different conditions in your body as it naturally induces the healing potential of your cells. The laser, magnets and colour lights are working in harmony, providing your body with the needed energy to start the healing process and to restore the depletion. So, coMra therapy is one of the nerve pain treatment options for healing without medications . You can use coMra therapy as a pain relief but the important part is that your nerves will start slowly to regenerate, the inflammation will be reduced and you have the option to have them healthy again. On the other hand, you can treat the medical conditions that might be a reason for the nerve pain like insulin resistance, heart diseases, autoimmune conditions etc. Most of the conditions could be found in the coMra user guide but coMra therapy could also be successfully applied in any case of illness or disease.

Home treatments

It is very easy and pleasant to apply coMra therapy as no discomfort is a part of the treatments. The coMra Palm is a small and portable device, which is very simple to operate with. You can have it with you wherever you go and can include treatments in your routine even if you spend long hours in the office. All you need to do is to find the most suitable treatment for your condition in the coMra user guide. You can also combine two or more courses in order to adapt them to your needs. Then just choose the frequency and the time desired, place it on the point on your body and wait. You will not feel the work of the device but in your cells regeneration and healing process will begin. The coMra therapy has no negative side effects for you and can only help your body with restoring its balance and healthy state.


Incorporating gentle massage sessions in your healing course is another nerve pain treatment option that would be quite complementary to coMra therapy. Especially, if you try essential oils like lavender, lemon, cedar etc., which tend to have anti-inflammatory and calming qualities. They will help you calming down while the massage itself will restore the blood circulation around the damaged nerves. You can do the massage sessions even on your own using natural base oils like almond, sesame and coconut mixed with several drops of essential oils. Gentle stretching and exercising could also have a good effect on the peripheral nerves regeneration.





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