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Not contrary to TAO


This is very brief free-stile resume of Dr Surazakov’s (RLT RD Director) fundamental article.

The ancient wisdom teaches us that:

‘What is contrary to Tao

Will not last long.’

Yet, we seem to be keeping on trying to go against common sense.

And what if we try to be more intelligent? The first step is to realise that:

‘Some of the best insights about the principles of life we can gain are from discoveries made in the fields of ecology, biology of evolution and biology of complex systems. But the irony is that because we are so deeply invested in the study of mechanisms we become blinded by the sheer complexity of life, the incredible amount of detail about how life works, what life forms are made of and how they internally function.

To see the overarching principle one needs to step back from the details and try to grasp the underlying patterns, proportions and relationships. Consider, for example, architecture.’